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Guess I got to explain the setting first. You can skip it, though:

It's an Urban Fantasy based on unnamed city (Japanese  * or America I didn't decide yet), present time.

In a real nutshell, The Hero is a Demon Slaying Kung-Fu Wizard Ordinary High-School Student who gathers up and eventually forms a Five-Man Band (which doesn't complete until the end of season 1) who hunts down the Deviations, souls of demons from Alternate Universe that possess people's body and turn their body into their vessels. He also hunts down some rogue magicians and Serial Killer as well.

Big Bad is a young hedonist with a high intellect who, after discovering the existence of magic, wants to screw around with people who can use them, mostly involving forcing some of the Five-Man Band members to use their Superpowered Evil Side and watching them causing mayhem.

In the meantime, he gathers small group of supernatural beings himself, and let them live in his house, so he can control them and...hang out with them.

Notable thing about him is that he is very, VERY friendly with the Five-Man Band and frequently invites them to his apartment for tea, helps them with their homeworks/projects, and once even baked a cake for their birthdays. In his apartment, when he doesn't do his job (he's something of a freelance stock broker, a VERY good one, at that), he spends time with his Quirky Miniboss Squad, watching movies or playing videogames and such.

What I want here is a very fearsome yet very friendly opponent who cares about everyone, even though ones he will manipulate for his own amusement. Also, his primary, if not only, goal is to have fun. Anyone read/watched Haruhi Suzumiya? He's like a more twisted and cunning version of her.

Would this kind of villain work?

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