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God Of Cake
Apologies if this coven is out of line, but I should stress that this is in no way bashing video games or anime. But surely I can't be the only one who looks on in bafflement when causal references to games or anime become as prolific as dandelions! You are not alone, my friend!

Alternately, this coven is for anyone who doesn't have traditionally nerdy interests, as we do seem to be a minority round these parts!
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2 InverurieJones21st Mar 2011 01:09:24 PM from North of the Wall. , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
'80s TV Action Hero
I do like the odd PC game, but only old-school single player RP Gs or empire-building types.

No real fondness for anime.
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Oh My
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Atomic Playboy
Damn. I was hoping I was the only person on the planet who wasn't into FPS's or Japanese cartoons.

Portal renewed my faith in video games, and anything that is a throwback to SNES (or NES) era usually catches my interest. I'm currently churning my way through the games in my 4GB SNES ROM collection that have English translations (until I'm finished learning Japanese).

While I'm not big on Japanese cartoons in general, I will say that I loved Azumanga Daioh, Trigun, and Haruhi Suzumiya. I'm trying desperately to watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but I can only take so much of it at a time. Thus far I've only survived the first three episodes. To its credit, it really IS as awesome as it's hyped, but it's so ridiculously over-the-top about everything that I have to sit back and relax after each episode because I feel like I just suffered through a 30-minute powerlifting exercise that included getting punched in the solar plexus with each rep.

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5 JHM21st Mar 2011 02:06:41 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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I watch almost no anime—though I may rectify this at some point—and lack the necessary coordination for most video games.
6 drunkscriblerian24th Mar 2011 07:49:25 PM from Castle Geekhaven , Relationship Status: In season
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Ah, I have found a home.

I don't like anime, and as far as video games know that douchewidget in the FPS deathmatches who is running into the corner with his gun pointed at the ceiling? The guy you laugh at and use to pad your frag count?

Yeah, that's me.

Glad to know I ain't the only one.
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7 SpainSun24th Mar 2011 07:51:06 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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I play anime and watch video games. Do I count?

notice: I just wanted to post that, I do frequently watch anime and play vidja games. So baibai.

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I don't really like anime. I'll occasionally play video games, but they're always single player RPG types. Once we get a new television, I'll dust off my Gamecube and maybe, maybe finish Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess after three years or so of playing it on and off. Same goes for Fable, even though I have the computer version, I've not yet finished it, and I've had it since shortly after it came out.

Other than that, I really don't have much interest in games either.
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Meh I like Video Games though I suck at all genres save Platformers and Beat Em Ups but the only Anime I've ever watched is {{Ranma1/2}}. I LOVE Western Animation though.

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10 eternalNoob27th Apr 2012 06:43:10 AM from yer mum , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
I'm the complete exact opposite, but i have nothing better to do.
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11 Exelixi27th Apr 2012 08:16:45 AM from Alchemist's workshop , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
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12 lordGacek27th Apr 2012 09:27:56 AM from Kansas of Europe
I play computer games, but hate anime. Actually I'm like Armored Closet Gay, only with anime in place of the gayness.
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13 dRoy27th Apr 2012 07:11:55 PM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I don't play games and becoming more and more disillusioned towards anime.
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I can't understand Anime despite my best efforts.

I find Manga quite hard to read due to it being right-to-left rather than left to right, which I'm used to.

But I like games.
15 dRoy28th Apr 2012 03:24:57 AM from The Happy Place , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Perpetually clueless
[up] Don't try to. It's not worth it. I mean, it IS quite fun and all, but it is not worth actually making any effort to get into. This is coming from over a decade of consuming M&A.
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16 wuggles28th Apr 2012 08:04:11 PM from Miami, FL , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
The only video game I've really played regularly is The Sims. I have played Halo, but I spent half the game killing myself. The only animes I've watched have been the ones that were on in the 90's: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, etc. I just find anime-watching to be way too time-consuming. It seems like anime/manga fans are always trying to buy this DVD or find this translation. Too much work for a darn TV show. I liked the anime that I did watch, but I don't really have an interest in looking for more to watch.

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17 sabrina_diamond21st Jul 2012 10:34:00 PM from inside my own belly... , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Recently I've been playing less video-games but ever since the great 'anime' depression of Earthquake '11, I've been watching less anime because of the standard quota of new anime coming in is at an absolute minimum, so I've been watching more TV shows instead. (Most popular anime are overrated, I'm a fan of the more unknown anime)

(does vocaloid count as an anime, because to me they're just music Videos...)

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I'm not into anime at all. My sister keeps trying to push it on me, but I just can't get into it. Not much of a gamer either, except for the odd single-player PC game or two.
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19 saintbraeburn22nd Jul 2012 04:00:05 PM from Dysfunctional California
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@Lord Gacek

So your secretly hiding the fact that your an Anime?


My hipster senses are tingling.

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20 Anthony_H5th Aug 2012 07:35:42 AM from monterrey, mex
...starring Adam Sandler?!
Not into anime, not into videogames, and you can add Fantasy, Sci-Fi, comics or superhero movies.

I'm not that awkward zone where I'm too nerdy for most people but not nerdy enough for most nerds.
[up] So what do you like that's nerdy then.
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22 InverurieJones5th Aug 2012 08:54:24 AM from North of the Wall. , Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
'80s TV Action Hero
He has big teeth and snorts when he laughs?
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I'm not into anime or video games, I just watch and play whatever I like. xD

But I like only very few, so I hardly get most references.

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[up] Very few of which, or do you mean both?

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I like video games, although my ability to actually be proficient at them is sporadic at best.

And the only anime I've ever watched is Fruits Basket, but I love it with a passion. Outside of that, I don't seem to be as into it as others here.

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