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I have a question concerning the general use of certain anime-based tropes being used in media works that aren't from the east. What would be a different name for a Yandere or a Tsundere, since most of the audience probably wouldn't catch the term immediately.

And, your idea-in-general. How is it coming along?
Hmmm... I'm not sure if there's a good way to put Tsundere into Western Terms, at least not anymore. I believe, if one went by the original meaning of Tsundere (like, way back before the wiki was founded or the Internet was highly proliferated), I think it would be Defrosting the Ice Queen? But Tsundere is generally presented as a regular shift in disposition whereas the later is a form of Character Development.

As for my own stuff, it's struggling. But it's found quite a bit of life in RP groups. One character I enjoy toying with in my head for a big story is my namesake, a magical girl who grows from a typical magical girl into a grizzled, Youma fighting veteran. to her, The Power of Friendship takes the form of one of her friends being a sniper in a nearby tree.
I'm fairly certain that here in the west (at least in America) we would call a tsundere and its sister tropes a bitch of some variety. How the character in question takes this depends on the relationship with the name caller.

Remember, tsundere characters are reacted to a certain way in Japanese media/culture that wouldn't happen in American culture. We just interpret the behavior through different cultural lenses.

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I'm a writer heavily influenced by Anime/Manga and Light Novels. Half of my inspiration comes from them, while the other half comes from American movies  *.
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I think the Western equivalent of yandere is "bunny-boiler"? Dunno if anybody actually uses that term though. They'd probably just say "psycho bitch" or whatever.

I'm pretty sure the phrase associated with tsundere is "playing hard to get".
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Besides movies, my writing and art are almost entirely inspired by seinen manga.

Yandere: It depends on the level of Yandereism. Most people would just go with "crazy" or "psycho" for a low-level one.

Tsundere: "Playing hard to get," or "bitch." Depends on who's talking.

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My story is currently very heavily based in anime/manga tropes mostly playing with them and seeing how they can b exploited in traditional writing formats. I have a very Light Novel style .
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New Dawn Hollow Dusk is completely anime / manga based. I...cannot picture any of its events with real humans. I need to envision the events using anime characters. I think I will try and get a manga made of it.
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My current work in progress borrows some tropes from anime and manga, but I'm working to distance it a little. The fewer anime and manga influences it has, the easier it is to convey in novel format.

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I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

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Meh, my planned NaNoWriMo novel is basically Mahou Sensei Negima! meets Naruto meets Forgotten Realms meets an Old Shame Fan Fic of mine.

So yeah, I'm a little influenced by anime and manga.

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I'm working on an American Magical Girl story, but I've been using a lot anime/manga tropes.
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—reluctantly raises hand—

Guilty, unfortunately.
Guilty. I don't watch as much anime as I'd like, but I can't imagine characters I write looking like anything but anime characters, and that has a heavy influence on how I write them and how they look.
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[up] Ah, same here. Although I'm probably more guilty because when I read a novel and character's description, I always imagine them in manga form. It becomes rather jarring when I'm reading stuff like The Dresden Files.
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[up] I have that issue but it extend to my memories too.
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Yandere - Cute but a bit crazy Tsundere - Tough but gushy in secret. Most of my stories were based of animesque works because I liked the style, I tried writing a manga, but ehhh too hard. But many of my characters have You Gotta Have Blue Hair and a brutal deconstruction of Mary Sue traits

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I dont watch anme that often, but I like the artsyile of some of them like Black Lagoon of Fullmetal Alchemist.

As for my plots, I wouldnt know if they are anime influenced or not, I try to avoid most manga and anime cliches and really hoping to desconstruct those psycho bitch tropes that nevertheles are played as if normal in most anime.
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The thing I'm working on is a comic, and my art style has a subtle influence from manga since that was where I started. The paneling arrangement is very much manga, but I'm not sure about the story itself.
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I used to be a huge anime/manga fan, not so much anymore but it is still my main influence, my current work in progress is basicaly a harem anime in novel form, I'm borrowing as many anime-related tropes and adjusting them to my own needs (specially the cultural-related ones).

Anyway, why do you need a term to refer to a Tsundere or otherwise? It's not like people call them "tsundere" in anime in the first place, I mean, nobody calls the protagonist "protagonist" or "main character" or anything like that.
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[up] Unless it's a postmodernist work that likes Breaking the Fourth Wall
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If that where the case then the character in question would be Genre Savvy and then he would actually know what a tsundere is, and as for the audience I believe that it's best to overstimate than understimate them, in the former case they might look in google for a term they do not know, in the later case they will feel insulted.
I'm not a native english speaker, please forgive my bad grammar and misspells.
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What I'm writing is basically an English Light Novel. In addition, I'm actually organizing the story so the first arc would be a good 12-Episode Anime.
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Of the three works I have in progress or planning at the moment, two are explicitly anime-based Fan Fic, and the third has an original storyline and characters but is a Magical Girl story heavily inspired by Mai-HiME.

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