Real Life Just Solved My Plot Hole:

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Plus THIS:

Equals the ending to the first book of my semi-political paranormal bromance internet horror Widget/STANZA THING!

It's just... so simple...

1: Main Character is hated by both the internet and mass media as a Charles Manson like figure for being directly related to Nazis and other related war criminals

2: He's over 21, so he's a bit off the "THINK OF THE CHILDREN" radar, even though whenever somebody trolls him with Godwin's Law somebody tends to DIE

3: The government make overreaching steps of power to criminalise the uploading of violent images to the internet, as well as banning a video game that directly involves MC's war criminal ancestors

4: The Curse on his head that works like a Mark Of Cain instead of directly effecting him, isn't too happy that a world power would deny its parasitic host the freedoms he needs to unwittingly spread more fear into the people of this terrible power beyond mortal imagining

5: The Alternate Universe (think a more Aussie version of the Watchmen like AU universe idea) version of the guy who keeps not letting an R18+ certificate is the first to die in this latest patch of curse incidents, and it is discovered he didn't die out of assassination like many had thought - but because the curse wasn't too happy that a video game (similar to Six Days In Fallujah but about the Third Reich where you PLAY AS THEM) that exposes truths about history the curse is funnily enough DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO is banned, the Curse decides to bump off that one senator as a warning.

6: Mass media does nothing but sensationalise the death of said senator, blaming it on Ichi much like idiot teenagers on a camp would blame a person gone missing on The Blair Witch.

7: Flame war erupts on MC's most visited forum, curse kills OVER 9000 internet trolls who are mostly newbies of 4chan who were in their youth Justin Bieber fanboy hackers but have gotten a taste for more blood...

8: Book ends with main plot of first book resolved enough for characters to carry on with trying to find the root causes of said curse in next book, the second of three.

Sounds good to anyone?
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Well...yeah, that's a alright idea, not really anything I could say to improve it without turning it into some kind of "LOLOLOLOL TR 0 LLwaii" story...
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So your having Michael Atkinson killed by a video game curse? [lol] Well it would make good satire.
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It reminds me of Death Note but WITH THE INTERNET!

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Real life just screwed over my plot royally, my setting is 20 Minutes into the Future Japan with a major character coming from Sendai.......
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^ Sendai wasn't rendered a Kill 'em All. It is still usable.

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It won't believable anymore though plus now I feel I have to make some mention of it the other part of the story is in Tokyo, and if those reactors go I'll have make it alternate history as well. I'm very big on Shown Their Work.

Also Not going to dominate your thread OP, so I'll create one else where.

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