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So my big magnum opus (not AB!Beowulf comic, the other one, with Jack Clive in it) is meant to read like it was written by an author in 2050 for readers in 2050 and after, a reconstruction of a "true story" taking place between 2039 and 2045.

Over half of the is the reconstruction in prose narrative, but the rest is emails, news articles, journal entries (from the author's research notebook) and other documents. The purpose of the documents is to elaborate on an important element of the story which cannot be done in the narrative alone.

Thing is, I've never actually put any thought into the author who puts the story together and writes it, since he/she is not a character in the story. The author is ambiguously me, and, in fact, the letters are written to my name.

I really don't want to embellish the author/me into an actual character because the author is only the messenger, but must I do so? Will the audience be looking for this, or will they accept that the author is only the author?
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Who knows. Some people may not even care, or just assume that the in-story author is you. That really shouldn't affect their enjoyment of the story, though.

Or if it turns out to be necessary to insert an Author Avatar, make the character fundamentally different from yourself so that it's not immediately obvious. The closest character I have to an Author Avatar is Kiyoi Shimada, who is a Cloudcuckoolander, self-proclaimed nerd, and oh yeah. A sixty-year-old man, and I'm a fifteen-year-old girl.

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Just have him be The Ishmael. That should work.
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