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I have a story outline that's mostly complete, but there's one character I feel could use some more development.

He's a symbiotic lifeform that grants supernatural abilities to his host. He hasn't had a host in over a century, though, for two reasons:

1.) The host must be willing and at least several years old.

2.) Most people nowadays are raised with a prejudice against his kind (which are mostly giant monsters), and even a "willing" host will have a subconscious resistance.

He has a human friend, and when she meets someone from another world (who wasn't raised with this prejudice), she tricks the guy into being the host by promising that (through a somewhat complicated plan) he can get back home. The girl has her own motives for this (she could use the super-powered help), and eventually she realizes what she is doing is wrong.

Right now, the symbiote (his name's Crow) is more of a plot device than a character. I want to give him his own motivation, and to change over the course of the story. What could I do here?
Well, start by thinking about what kind of life he's lead and how that might have affected him.

Can he remember all the people he's been symbiotic with? Is it like standard Demonic Possession? In that case he'd stay himself while trying to live that person's life for them, and may have observed humans a lot without ever really understanding how they think. Or maybe he is a silent observer, and the other person has control. If so, does he know what they're thinking? Does he approve of how they use his powers? Or maybe his identity fuses with them, so it's almost like being reincarnated as different people.

Plus, figure out how your world's history went, and how people's experiences and perspectives differ in different ages. This character will be quite a bit out of date, since he hasn't possessed anyone for a long time. So he'll probably find modern culture confusing, especially if he can't read his host's mind.
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He's the silent observer type, resembling a snail that attaches to the host. He's not behind on modern culture or anything, though, since he's still fully conscious even when separated. The two can communicate to each other, but they can't read each other's minds.
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