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Why will hipsters not shut up about vinyl to me, it is unending:

Wizard Basement
I find vinyl to be a REALLY INCONVENIENT way to listen to music, because you can't rip it to your computer as easily as a CD.

There are inherent problems to me enjoying vinyl, one, I cannot buy a record player easily and have no room for one in my living space. I agree vinyl album covers are much better, but a lot of my favourite albums would be very difficult to find on vinyl for cheap. The Conan the Barbarian OST being one of them.

Why is it so painful to be a fan of C Ds? I like the convenience of C Ds even though the bigger space given to the cover vinyl allows is cool and trendy and I can see the appeal. But apart from the album cover I see no additional benefit over C Ds.

Hell Hasn't Earned My Tears
 2 Saeglopur, Tue, 15th Mar '11 6:39:53 AM from Various places in the UK
Resident Hipster
Vinyl is a better medium if one takes computers out of the equation entirely. Which admittedly isn't something everyone wants to do. In terms of pure sound quality, a vinyl record played on a record player delivers a better sound quality than a CD played on a CD player.

I, however, prefer CDs for the reasons you've already mentioned - much easier to import and store digitally, while still fulfilling my hipster quotient for being physically obtainable and collectible and having pretty pictures on the front waii

edited 15th Mar '11 6:40:05 AM by Saeglopur

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Vinyl has a kickass bass response. Thats why you can still get techno vinyl.
 4 Span Sun, Tue, 15th Mar '11 12:23:05 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
Laugh it off, everybody
Deriding every record collector as a hipster is not cool.
I spread my wings and I learn how to fly....
 5 Furiko Maru, Tue, 15th Mar '11 12:32:17 PM from The Arrogant Wasteland Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
Reverse the Curse
The sound stretches out more. With CDs everything sounds squished. And loud.

 6 Span Sun, Tue, 15th Mar '11 12:37:24 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
Laugh it off, everybody
Yea, CD albums only sound good if they were recorded with CD's in mind, which is a rarity.
I spread my wings and I learn how to fly....
 7 Bound By The Moon, Tue, 15th Mar '11 12:53:39 PM from The Spanish Sahara
Kvltvre Vvltvre
Doesn't that have more to do with the compression used in the mastering than the medium?
There are snakes in the grass, so we'd better go hunting!
 8 Span Sun, Tue, 15th Mar '11 1:41:49 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
Laugh it off, everybody
CD's carry a certain amount of inherent compression. And the industry standards make it a lot worse.

So, half yes half no.
I spread my wings and I learn how to fly....
What confuses me is how studio recording could possibly remain vinyl oriented even though so little of a record company's income comes from vinyl. I had figured it was mostly digital recording now.

 10 merton, Tue, 15th Mar '11 5:21:08 PM from my heart to yours.
In my mind the best thing about vinyl was that it kept albums short.
And I remember when hipsters didn't argue for vinyl because LOL RETRO...

It's mostly people who like pre-sixties music, since the needle makes that odd "fullness" effect that you hear with vinyl.
 12 Span Sun, Tue, 15th Mar '11 6:08:18 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
Laugh it off, everybody
Hmm? A lot of good music is still put out on vinyl.

The Skweee genre is almost entirely on the format.
I spread my wings and I learn how to fly....
In my mind the best thing about vinyl was that it kept albums short.
I actually own this so I can attest to its accuracy

Plus, it's not like Double (or even triple) L Ps are unheard of.

 14 merton, Tue, 15th Mar '11 7:30:40 PM from my heart to yours.
Yes, but double- and triple-albums were more expensive to produce than CDs.

Some of my favorite albums are 60+ minutes long, but in general I feel like it's best for artists to practice a little self-editing.
The recent remasters of Michael Jackson's Thriller sound terrible. The vinyl version is where it's at.

edited 15th Mar '11 8:40:23 PM by DonZabu

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 16 wuggles, Sat, 19th Mar '11 10:27:39 AM from Miami, FL Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
I guess it's just me, maybe I don't listen to enough music but I can't hear a large difference between records and C Ds. Like the OP, I would rather have C Ds because it's less hassle for me. My stepdad used to have a record player, but he sold it, so now I have no way of listening to them.
Jackass Detector
Seeing as far as I don't care about the sound quality unless it's so bad, it's literally raping my eardrums, I would rather have an MP3 player.
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt." - Some guy with a snazzy hat.
 18 Vorpy, Sat, 19th Mar '11 6:19:38 PM from from from from from from
Unstoppable Sex Goddess
But I am not a hipster.
If the amount of rape that is acceptable to you is not zero, and you are not Pyramid Head, you need to seriously rethink your life.
When did hipster become a badge of pride? Last I heard it was a slur against pretentious music fans. Then again, that was a while ago.

 20 Span Sun, Sat, 19th Mar '11 6:23:19 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
Laugh it off, everybody
I don't think it ever did.

I use hipster to refer to people who are pretentious about preferring X over Y.

Of course, there's also stereotypically 'hipster stuff' that I make fun of half-jokingly.
I spread my wings and I learn how to fly....
Pop Music Nerd
Don Zabu hit it on the head. I think that for music anoraks, it's part of the backlash against modern mastering of C Ds. See Record of Loudness War

 22 annebeeche, Sun, 20th Mar '11 3:39:20 AM from by the long tidal river
watching down on us
An article about Depeche Mode- ''Playing the Angel'' (2005) on CD, then on vinyl.

Here is the CD track of "Precious if you so wish to listen. It's a good song, but the mastering makes it sound flattened and squished.

It is not actually the recording form that is the problem, it is that mastering for CD is so often so poorly done.

edited 20th Mar '11 3:43:56 AM by annebeeche

Banned entirely for telling FE that he was being rude and not contributing to the discussion. I shall watch down from the goon heavens.
 23 inane 242, Sun, 27th Mar '11 9:39:54 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
Anwalt der Verdammten
The Collective
Vinyl always had better bass for me(Although that might have something to do more with the speakers than the vinyl) and I like having a collection of music so I get those cause they have better art.

Also, hipster meant pretentious music fan? Cause I always used it as an umbrella term for people doing trends I hate.

edited 27th Mar '11 10:54:09 PM by iamathousandapples

 25 Meta Four, Sun, 27th Mar '11 11:48:42 PM from the house of bread and battle
"Hipster" is the new "emo", "weaboo", and "Mary Sue", in that it used to mean something but is undergoing decay and becoming an insult almost completely devoid of meaning.

Our Hipster article is trying to stop the decay.
Total posts: 72
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