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Need help deconstructing Human Focused Adaptation:

I spy with my little eye
Okay, here's the deal. I was working on my Massive Multiplayer Cartoon Crossover The Animation Crossroads, and I realized it was a Human-Focused Adaptation (ironic, since part of working on it was due to annoyance with this trope in Kingdom Hearts  *  **). Problem is, I can't really get rid of the OCs since they play a big part in the conflict, and getting rid of them would ruin the plot. So I decided to deconstruct the trope.

But how exactly do I do this? Perhaps have the love conflict of the two characters (which is already playing with the trope since one is a human and the other is a skeleton — er, less Squicky in context) cause a lot of trouble, or have the humans cause the trouble in the first place? Or is that playing the trope completely straight? Yeah, it is. T_T

Any ideas?

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I spy with my little eye
No, this isn't a shameless bump, no, not at all.

Okay, I think I figured out how to do this, or at least keep the human focus down. First, I think I'll leave the romance to the background. Nothing blatant, just hints. It's not overly important to the plot anyways.

Second, I think the best way to make sure the OCs don't steal the show is simply focus on the conflict between the cartoons and have the solution to the problem of world-gate shifts NOT be solved by the main characters, but require cooperation from everyone. Probably more realistic that way. Though the main characters will still be important-ish (one of them makes the problem worse because of his Superpowered Evil Side, and since I made that to justify the crossover stuff, I can't really get rid of it).

Say it once! Say it twice! Take a chance and roll the dice! Ride with the moon in the dead of night!
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