Overzealous undertaker, jerk or evil?:

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Indecisive Goldfish
I have an undertaker character who likes his job a lot (or too much). His placeholder name is Bellwether, but I'm not sure. He either has a name, is nameless but called Mr. Bubbles by Aurus to try to weaken his creepiness, or called a different name by everyone he meets (which might give evidence to a small army of identical creepy undertakers).

It gets to a point that Bellwether won't stop following Aurus around after he's learned that Aurus considers an absurd number of crimes as punishable by death, irritates people with guns easily, and is immortal but slow at regeneration so Bellwether has actually embalmed and buried Aurus a couple times because Aurus considers it morally wrong to not pay people for their services regardless of request or competency. "You can't get something for nothing. THAT'S STEALING!" Aurus applies this logic to everything, including favors for friends and paying evil unto evil.

...and Aurus is so bad with guns that he's managed to ricochet a bullet to hit himself at least two times in gun duels.

Bellwether is treated as incredibly creepy (and mildly insane) rather than malicious. He is capable of Offscreen Teleportation, is shaped like a vulture, colored like a vampire, can somehow cross deserts riding a bubble-shooting unicycle (his preferred mode of transportation is a unicycle and he may have been a circus clown in a previous job) and having no supplies, and never takes his goggles off for someone to see what his eyes look like.

He's greedy, however. He considers being an undertaker the best job in the world because the only consistent thing in life is death and taxes, but people shoot at the taxman. Though his behavior makes it rather amazing that no one has even punched him in the face. Aurus in particular finds him too Ambiguously Human to know if Bellwether is safe to attack without threat of divine retribution.

What I'm undecided about is how much Bellwether can encourage dangerous behavior before he goes from being a greedy jerk to being outright evil. Bellwether would never kill someone himself. But he suggests that inexperienced doctors perform surgery (though that doctor might be the only one for miles since the setting is a bit wild west-ish), shouts "Oh and he KNOWS your sister!" to men in the middle of a Mexican Standoff, and suggests that Aurus buy a Gatling gun to combat his bad aim.

Even without encouraging potential death-inducing behavior, Bellwether will always be present when anything dangerous is happening and says that he loves it best when two dueling gunfighters have identical reflexes and good aim.
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