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Colorado Tropers UNITE:

So, anyone else from here want to chime in?
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I'd Chime in, but I don't live in Colorado.

Now, those of you out there reading this who do live in Colorado, you have NO EXCUSE.
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 3 Mega Magikarp, Sat, 23rd Apr '11 3:54:16 PM from Off to the left of nowhere
Miss Universe
Hello there.

edited 23rd Apr '11 3:54:24 PM by megamagikarp

woooo Colorado. Go us, fittest state in the union!
 5 Mega Magikarp, Sat, 30th Apr '11 10:07:31 PM from Off to the left of nowhere
Miss Universe
Also one of the highest and coldest. tongue
Hey and nay. I live in Boulder, but, uh, college. Yeah.

 7 Jinxed Blackcat, Tue, 14th Jun '11 9:16:27 PM from Blurry Edges of Doom
The Ultimate Bifauxnen
Yo. I is in colorado. Glenwood specifically.
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 8 Mega Magikarp, Tue, 14th Jun '11 9:20:01 PM from Off to the left of nowhere
Miss Universe
I live on the Front Range, but I'm a little paranoid about being any more specific than that.
 9 Mega Magikarp, Mon, 27th Jun '11 4:41:14 PM from Off to the left of nowhere
Miss Universe
...Um...Hello? Anyone home?
 10 Mega Magikarp, Mon, 11th Jul '11 7:46:08 PM from Off to the left of nowhere
Miss Universe

Hello! Mesa State (or whatever they're calling it now) Mav here!
 12 pvtnum 11, Wed, 20th Jun '12 12:30:00 PM from Kerbin low orbit Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
So, saw this.

I'm interested not because I live there, but because one of my wife's gamer friends lives there, and he might be getting evicted soon. She's about to fly over there and stomp and scream on some desks to get him some assistance. It's a long story.

So, yeah. Anyway. She'll be in the area.
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 13 Novis, Thu, 28th Jun '12 1:56:50 PM from Over There Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
my little mauler
Hello everyone. Lakewood...ian...ite here.

 14 deathpigeon, Thu, 28th Jun '12 1:59:14 PM from Bread, It Is Bread that the Revolution Needs! Relationship Status: One True Dodecahedron
Liberty in the Mother not Daughter of Order
Boulderite, here.
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Colorado. Anyone else freaking out about the Aurora shooting?

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