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Have you ever gotten any reviews that are just Completely Missing the Point?

I got one last night that cracked me up, on a Yuri Lemon I posted to Unfortunately, I deleted the review, but I've still got it in my email:

"That was highly inappropriate, disgusting, and slutty. Please stop writing one-shots. In fact, everyone that writes one-shots should stop. Promiscuity is disgusting. Why are girls so slutty in these stories? Seriously. Stop writing porn. Nasty."

Congratulations, reviewer, by not reading the warning I placed at the top, you've made yourself look like a complete and total idiot!

Do you mind sharing those CMTP reviews?
The closest I've got to this is a review accusing me of being a weaboo. Which was true. But that was one year after I finished the work, during which time I had changed from a juvenile weaboo into a true and honest disciple of the glorious religion called history.
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3 JewelyJ10th Mar 2011 07:10:26 AM from A state in the USA
^^oh my word...Unfortunate Implications and Completely Missing the Point. I once got a comment on a story that was otherwise positive. But as an afterthought it mentioned (this would never work in canon).

It was AU, marked as AU. Granted it was horrible from when I was younger but still.

Everyone that writes one shots should stop

what, are they assuming that all oneshot are smut. Haaaaaah don't think so.

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4 RandomChaos10th Mar 2011 07:35:03 AM from My own little world
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Well I got one asking if Agent Six would show up in my Kevin vs Breach Horrer story that also had the Teen Titans and OCs

Also my Kigo fic was accused of being a Kim Shego Ron OT3 when Ron is with Monique and Yori with Brick trying to convert him.

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In terms of fanfiction, I received a review quite like the one in the OP back when I used to write Bandom slash years ago. Although I guess there was more offence to be taken, there, all things considered. Recently for my current fandom stuff (mostly gen), they've just pretty much run of the mill.

There are those who don't consider one-shots to be real stories in general, which is kind of missing the point of them.

My original fiction is a little harder to pinpoint in terms of what constitutes a review since I've never posted it online, so all the feedback has been in person and on paper, mainly received when I was studying creative writing as half of my degree. Anything there that might be missing the point I generally construed as my not getting the point across properly in the first place.

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Not mine, but I heard of a pair of amusing reviews of a work made by a friend of a friend that accused him of Being Incorrect about some aspect of Japanese culture, and being a Japanophile.

For reference, that friend of a friend is Japanese. From Japan originally. He said it in the description and in his user profile.

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7 MrAHR10th Mar 2011 11:16:50 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I once reviewed a fanfic, and pointed out the character was a mary sue.

She was nice enough about it, but she went on to read what had been my attempt at a drama-ish parody fic of a Mary Sue.

She then proceeded to miss the point and say "You said I had weird names, but you used the name Aurora Greengrass!"

8 snowfoxofdeath10th Mar 2011 03:27:07 PM from San Francisco Suburb
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Not enoufgh background this sucks i'm getting damn tired of all this steampunk **.

It was clockpunk.

And from his profile:

The day people cherish true beauty not stereotypes or artsy crap I'll stop reviewing while drunk.

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9 66Scorpio11th Mar 2011 11:07:56 PM from Toronto, Canada
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I produced a miniature combat game back in the '90s. The 40k comparisons were inevitible but some comments bordered on the inane.

"The backstory is paper-thin."

Uh, ya - duh! It was a board game and our first release. Supplements followed but GW had a 20 year head start so obviously they will have more fluff.

Even a 5-star review in Dragon Magazine made it all sound so derivative: "It looks like Terminator, plays like 40K, and feels like a cross between Full Metal Jacket and Aliens." Now don't get me wrong: this was an amazingly positive viewa and we were very appreciative. But those sorts of "Titanic meets Lord of the Rings" script pitches can have a subtext that it is all just one big ripoff. That sort of tweaks at you as the writer.

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The reviews for my "iBod" stories on Fiction Mania started out great, along the lines of "I can't wait to see where this goes!" and went to "what is this stuff?" in the last few chapters, mostly due to a bunch of 4th Wall breaking. To be fair, I'd written those entire 6 chapters within I think 2 weeks (LONG chapters too) before my first suicide attempt and I was trying to actually give myself some kind of hope. It didn't work, even though I'm some kind of living right now (I'm not gonna use "alive" because that implies more of an adrenaline rush gotten from extreme sports...I'm just..."here", physically).

  • AHEM* Anyways, those reviews (while not exactly wrong) didn't take my suicidal feelings BEHIND the writing itself into account (they didn't really know, how could they?), and I haven't had the heart to want to post my recent stuff on Fiction Mania. My Batman AU self-insert fiction (written shortly after, but needs revising badly) would probably get ripped to shreds too if I posted it there. (shrug)
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"I think you should reconsider starting the story after most of the significant events have already happened."

The point of my story is that the protagonist spends the last week of his life thinking about the events of his life, so of course over a half of the scenes in the story are flashbacks.

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12 NickTheSwing12th Mar 2011 02:21:19 PM from Ya really wanna know? , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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In a Gundam SEED fanfic, someone gave me this:

"why is Katherine Daille such a bitch? Why did she have to ruin Kira and Athrun's touching moment? Kill that evil woman. I don't like reading about such disgusting evil people."

That chapter had Katherine's Freudian Excuse revealed.

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I haven't had this experience personally, but I'm friends with one writer who was really disturbed about getting reviews telling her in graphic detail about how one character in the fic she was writing should be tortured to death. Because... he broke up with his boyfriend. Who had just destroyed his career. (It was one of those "both people were wrong" situations.)

She was really creeped out by that.
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My fanfic Soldiers Of Love has so far gotten exactly one review. In one chapter, the characters need to use a very heavy weapon and I say that Mamoru is the only one present who would be strong enough to pick it up. The review says that Makoto would also be able to do this (and that is all it says). Thing is? Makoto wasn't with the group at the time — for all the reader knew at that point, she was thousands of miles away!
15 JewelyJ14th Mar 2011 12:41:09 PM from A state in the USA
^^ wooooooooow


I would be too.

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Well, there was one reviewer who accused me of copying someone else's story. Not, you understand, by plagiarising it, but by writing fanfic of it. On Yeah.
What's precedent ever done for us?
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Oh, and the best bit? The other story was itself a fanfic. On the same site.

Try wrapping your brain around that.

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19 Anthony_H16th Mar 2011 11:05:41 AM from monterrey, mex
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[up][up][up]On a similar note, I wrote a Twilight spoof, and one reviewer said: "It's just a copy of that story, only with humor and exageration"

Mission Accomplished? evil grin

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I deliberately set people up for this once on this very forum - I posted a sex scene where the reader was supposed to think the scene was a Porn Without Plot type 'having sex for no reason' scene, and later discover that one of the characters MindControlled the other. I didn't tell anyone this reveal, and watched people complain about the exact effect I was going for.
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