Mad Scientist + The Gunslinger = OHSHI-? :

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1 doorhandle9th Mar 2011 02:33:06 AM from Space Australia!
Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

What if the two tropes above were combined, with Rayguns replacing Revolvers? It would make some sense from a superpower perspective, as super-fast thinking could naturally lead to the Super Reflexes needed to make this work. Likewise, Awesome by Analysis would allow them to pull off all those a Bizarre and Improbable Ballistics, and Improbable Aiming Skills could be explained by insanely steady hands and and a really keen eye for detail, all of with would probably come with the package for the Super Intelligent Omidisciplineary Scientist.

From a story point of view, it makes sense, as it allows the more cerebral mad scientists to keep pace with all those Flying Bricks and Reality Warpers in a fight while still being a Badass Normal in comparison, and it could lead to an insanely cool situation if two of these gunslinging hyper-intelligent madmen stood of against each other. And it just get even crazier when you considerer what a Mad Scientist could do to his Weapon of Choice

Just throwing this out there. Thoughts? Collarys? Exsamples in fiction?

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Sounds rad, but how do you keep them from being overpowered?
3 doorhandle9th Mar 2011 03:24:46 AM from Space Australia!
By making everyone else on the same level? For one, the resident Knife Nut can throw a kukri like a boomerang, and perform the Robin-hood trick with throwing knives. The resident wizard is also similar, in that hes pretty much a squishy Wave Motion Gun, a'la black mage.

Back on topic, His gun might only slightly damage the flying-brick of the week, and a super-speedster could dodge the energy beam. Not to mention he's almost complete screwed if disarmed, and he could always run out of power.

Also, if he takes so much as one hit he's out for the count, or at least highly injured. Of course, he could make a force-field, but of course, GAME BALANCE.

Nice. I like this idea!
5 TibetanFox9th Mar 2011 03:45:22 AM from Death Continent
Feels Good, Man
This needs to be a videogame.
Make it so that the gun's all purpose. Grav-gun, ASHPD, Soulcube, and time-travel device, all in one!
7 doorhandle15th Mar 2011 04:10:15 AM from Space Australia!
Too much power in one gun. Time travel is a difficult thing in my universe, I'm not sure if portals are possible in it, and the occult is out of the good doctor's reach (Well, at the start.). Might be able to do the gravgun thing though if the object in question is made of magnetic metal. and maybe it could be used as the remote for the Portal-Tv(long story)

I was planning on having the gun use mag-lev to shoot little fusion-reactions encased in magnetic spheres, which would then explode into fireballs. He could also have a few variations on ammo that can do other things, though. Teeny tiny amounts of antimatter, possibly?

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Lord British
Are the weapons strong enough to suggest some sort of kickback?
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