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Just A Humble Sonic Fan
But that the problem, how can we consider the reactions to be realistic?
For Ed, I think that the most pivotal moment of character development, was when he dug up Trishaĺs grave and realized he didnĺt bring her back. After that he became much more optimistic.

In 2003 anime, this didnĺt happen, she was a homunculus the entire time, so I can see why he acted that way too. I think both reactions were understandable- itĺs just they were widely different situations.
Raven Wilder
[up][up] Given what we know of human psychology, we can predict how certain people are likely to respond to a given scenario, even if we can't create the scenario in real life. Like how physicists are fairly certain what would happen if the Earth came in contact with a black hole, even though we've never actually observed a planet/black hole collision before.
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Just A Humble Sonic Fan
[up] I see.

One topic we haven't discuss yet is which one had better games, 2003's or Brotherhood's.
Never played any of the games, so I cant speak for that.

One question that just occured to me though. Was Hulk!Cornello in the manga?
Just A Humble Sonic Fan
Nope, that's exclusive to Brotherhood.

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Just A Humble Sonic Fan
You know if there's one thing I was meh about with Brotherhood is how they handle Youswell Mines.

It makes much more sense in the Manga.
709 CaptainKatsura7th Oct 2012 02:41:44 PM from    Poland   
Guys, do you find Manga!Yoki likeable? He was excellent comic relief, and owned Pride. cool
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Just A Humble Sonic Fan
Yoki pretty funny, seriously that guy doesn't get a break.

Kinda sad that in 2003 they killed him.

Supposedly there's a guy that look just like him in The Sacred Star of Milos, I wonder if there voice by the same guy.

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He's like a taller, more flamboyant, less likeable and less memorable version of Yoki. He dies too, but noone really cares.
Just A Humble Sonic Fan
Which one?

The lookalike or the 2003!Yoki?
713 Enlong8th Oct 2012 07:43:21 AM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
Court Dragon
Yeah, Hulk Cornello wasn't in the manga.

In the manga, he started going into a total breakdown when he mutilates his arm with an alchemy rebound. Ed headubtts him to get him to come to his senses and demands to see the stone, and then the stone breaks.

Then Ed snaps and animates a big ol' Leto statue with Alchemy to almost pund him into the dirt.
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[up][up] The lookalike in Milos.
Just A Humble Sonic Fan
The Lookalike was arrested, for trying and failing on an attempt to assassinate Roy.

In other news, currently on episode 14 of 2003, man you got to love how 2003 foreshadows a lot of things in the early episodes.

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Just A Humble Sonic Fan
Also just finish episode 15 and I question, if both of Winry parents are brunette in 2003, how come Winry a blonde?

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717 cutewithoutthe8th Oct 2012 03:56:01 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Gˇ­berit Nor­ling
Both of my parents are brunettes, and yet I'm blond.

It isn't exactly a rare thing.

Just A Humble Sonic Fan
An amusing tale, but how?
719 cutewithoutthe8th Oct 2012 04:27:43 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Gˇ­berit Nor­ling
use the google machine and find out
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Raven Wilder
wild mass guessThough I do have a pet theory that Hohenheim used to bang Winry's mom.wild mass guess That might explain a few things.

EDIT: That's for 2003 continuity only, just to be clear.

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722 cutewithoutthe9th Oct 2012 02:15:19 AM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Gˇ­berit Nor­ling
...>__> Er. A few problems with that, if we're going by the manga canon
Raven Wilder
See above, re: edit.

It's just that, when Hohenheim finally shows up, he spends a decent amount of time (considering everything else that's going on) talking about Winry's mom. Just made me feel like the anime's writers were hinting at a little something-something there.
"It takes an idiot to do cool things, that's why it's cool" - Haruhara Haruko
724 cutewithoutthe9th Oct 2012 02:22:59 AM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Gˇ­berit Nor­ling
Yeah, I thought the same thing too, actually. Does seem a tad suspicious.

And also could pass as a reason why Winry wasn't shipped with Ed in the 2003 animu
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