Web services being linked together:

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What do you think of it?

I don't like it. I'll be up-front about my opinion.

Blogging, microblogging, e-mail, instant messaging, status updates, social connections, fandoms, political endorsements, location, personal contact info, publicity info, online communities, meatspace communities, what we're watching, what we're listening to, what we're doing...

Now, it's fine and dandy when I simply have the choice of whether to do it. Because I can happily refuse this choice, and make separate accounts for each service. What I don't like is when these services try to force me to horizontally integrate my communications and relations into using their services. Because darnit, I like my privacy and value it quite highly. I like being able to do things separately. And especially when one service goes down for whatever reason, such as in some places in the Middle East...

Why can't I just have separate accounts at every web service site? I'll link them individually when convenient, thank you very much. There really are things that ought to be kept separate, and I'm sure that all of you know multiple cases of what I mean by this.

Can someone who is on the other side of opinion on this issue speak to the merits of this, such as convenience? Wouldn't forced linking create problems of content management, or for that matter, wasted bandwidth or processing power?
2 Deboss3rd Mar 2011 01:43:31 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
It's bad. Particularly when it just works through cookies or something.
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