Download(digital distribution) vs. Buying an actual copy of the game..:

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51 MoeDantes3rd Mar 2011 08:03:36 PM from the Land of Classics
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Depending on how organized you are. I've seen people who forget what directory they put shit in etc, which is just as bad as losing it.
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I used to lose things that way. I learned very fast though when I was like 13 and quickly set up a system for organization. I've since altered said system a bit, but I enjoy organizing my things on my computer. Not quite as fun as organizing my physical collection, but it is enjoyable to make and rename folders, move things in them, move the folders around into other folders which are put into super folders...

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53 RocketDude3rd Mar 2011 08:12:34 PM from AZ, United States
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I'm rather glad that Steam has all the games and stuff organized under one least when dealing with Valve's own games. I've noticed that EA games tend to create additional folders in the -Insert Username Here- folder.
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Steam also has a ton of discounts and sells older games for less (like ten bucks or fifteen, compared to PC stores still selling them for twenty bucks).
Nowadays, I use Digital Distribution since I've gotten the Orange Box in the summer of 2009. I haven't been experiencing problems with Steam, and even other distribution sites across the internet hold major sales, and as a thrift gamer, I see the appeal of this.

When it's an older game and/or something I wouldn't otherwise obtain via Digital Distribution (and no, newer Blizzard games don't count since they have the service), I'd get them via retail. I don't know if they even put feelies in newer PC games anymore.

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56 TsundeRay13th May 2011 08:57:14 PM from Santa Clara, California
It's "kinda" hard to play a digital copy on a friend's system, what with DRM being in the way and all.

With a physical copy, I can just pop the game in.
^With steam I just login download and go.
58 TsundeRay13th May 2011 09:01:03 PM from Santa Clara, California
I was thinking more along the lines of console downloadable games. Even if you have the hard drive the game resides on, you need to sign into your account to play it first.
There are a lot of games that I wish that were digital download, mostly stuff that I dont want to wait for it to come in the mail beacuse of being old.
60 SgtRicko15th May 2011 08:56:16 AM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Physical copy, hands down. If it ever comes to the point that online support for the game stops or your DRM gets f***ed up, all you need to do is just find a crack for the game, and you'll be playing it again in no time. That, and if your hard drive suddenly decides to put a shotgun to it's head for no apparent reason you'll still have the disk to reinstall from.
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I'm a pirate currently, but when I get a consistent flow of monies I'm going for digital distribution. Mainly because no games that interest me retail here and there's no way in hell Steam or GOG are going away any time soon, but also because the frailty of discs concerns me.

Inexplicably, I would prefer a CD music library rather than a digital one. I guess I'm just more emotionally attached to music than to games.

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62 Rebochan15th May 2011 09:02:29 AM from Soaking up Rays
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These days, if it's on PC, I only get a physical copy if it comes with swag. Otherwise, digital all the way. I'm tired of trying to track to down CD keys after an installation craps out and I just like not have to switch the disc every time I want to play a different game.

Off of PC, I need my physical copy, though of course, a lot of these games still come with swag.

I don't see why swag has to go away though. Surely if you already have to give credit card info and a billing address to buy a digital copy, I don't see why they couldn't arrange to have swag shipped to people who got the digital copy. Though bundling digital content into some of these games has been pretty cool (such as with Civ V). - Filthy Digital Ramblings, musings on media.
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I prefer having actual copies of games, I can't really explain why but the idea of just having the games to hold is something I like plus I find the huge instruction booklets in games to be something nostalgic.
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"Going digital means never accidentally leaving games behind in a move."

Argh, don't remind me how I lost my copies of Magic Carpet 2 and especially System Shock 2 that way. Full boxed copies with manuals, too. I want them back.

Anyway, I prefer physical copies because of the tangible aspect, but the days when I could pre-order games for $60 are long gone. (I'm pretty sure the last time I did that was a bit over three years ago, with Crysis.) Now, I expand my library through digital distribution sales. Most for $5 or $10, but sometimes $20 if I feel the game is niche enough (like Rise Of Flight). The price is just too good to pass up.
65 Steven17th May 2011 08:21:24 PM from The Room , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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I don't care either way. As long as I can play.
66 SpookyMask17th May 2011 09:52:32 PM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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I use both. Depends on whats cheaper and if I can find the game on the real life.
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I always choose digital distribution if it's an option. I don't need or want a box that will just add to the clutter in my house.
With handhelds, I prefer digital. With consoles, physical.
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69 Gvzbgul18th May 2011 04:47:02 AM from Middle Earth
While I prefer to have C Ds and books video games are a bit different. I bought Portal as a box set, but it functions as a digital version, when I reset my computer I redownloaded it rather than install it. It seems weird to me, I am very adamant about having physical copies of other stuff but video games seem to be the exception for me. I guess it's because having a physical copy usually means putting a CD in a drive, whereas having on my hard drive is physical enough for me. However, a game on my hard drive that doesn't allow me to play if I am not connected to the internet I do not consider to be actually owned by me. it feels like I'm only borrowing the game. I dunno, I have conflicting feelings and ideas, I need to sort them out or at least figure out why.
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