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Being Cultured.
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Being Cultured.:

 51 Barkey, Thu, 3rd Mar '11 10:54:28 PM from Bunker 051 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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The thing is, the majority of people in America aren't really all that impressed by "setting up a formal dinner". Maybe rich folks who are used to all the decorum, but some people flat out don't care or expect certain things to be required at a dinner, and a lot of folks like me consider things like that to just be outright pretentious. I don't really see how any of that is an advantage, or even part of our majority culture.

Now traditions, history, and academia that are responsible for the trends and habits of most of our culture, that's actually something to be proud of. All the high class stuff, not so much.

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 52 Drunk Girlfriend, Thu, 3rd Mar '11 11:11:29 PM from Castle Geekhaven
@Barkey: You'd be surprised. Quite a few people will someday need to know the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork, even if it's only for business meetings or dates.

Granted, the formal three-course dinner isn't going to be something you see every day, but it still has its place.
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 53 Cojuanco, Thu, 3rd Mar '11 11:22:27 PM from Riverside, CA, US
The way I see it, there's competing definitions of what it means to be "cultured" - what I would see as the epitome of culture would be seen, say, by a resident of the Haight as so much patriarchal dead white male trash. And I would see his conception of high culture to be incomprehensible, offensive and perhaps verging on cultural treason. So being cultured depends on who you talk to and how many poor peasants they're entitled to crush underfoot.

 54 redrosary, Fri, 4th Mar '11 5:04:20 AM from A nation of idiots: PH
We are Legion.
"Now traditions, history, and academia that are responsible for the trends and habits of most of our culture, that's actually something to be proud of. All the high class stuff, not so much."

What if you're in a society that disdains such things as exclusively for the high classes? Would your society be considered uncultured?
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 55 Shrimpus, Fri, 4th Mar '11 6:39:22 AM from Brooklyn, NY, US
Patriarchal dead white male trash. Nice. You dont need to be powerful to be cultured.

 56 Insanity Addict, Fri, 4th Mar '11 7:03:14 AM from Out of the Left Field
Being cultured mostly equates to having some kind of claim to a universal truth, with variations of truth varying per one's subculture. Whether you take the hipster's deseperate ennui, the soldier's Realpolitik, the b-tard's all-consuming cynicism, christianity's bible ethos or the atheist's trust in empiricism(most of them examples of 'paradigm' which someone mentioned earlier), it's a useful tool to look down on others as have no understanding of how the world actually was, is and will be, and insulates yourself against the nag of other worldviews.
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