Adultery: Can it really be justified, Good or Bad?:

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51 KCK2nd Mar 2011 02:18:44 PM from In your closet
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@Arha If that's true, why can't they agree upon that before hand? Because that's not adultery, that's polyamory.
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Shrug. I feel it is the kind of thing that could be worked out beforehand. The question is whether people would. I only view it as justified or neutral in this case because there was never any expectation of true love between them. It was just a contract.
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[up] Even so, contracts aren't made to be broken.
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But is it being broken? Sex is sex until jealousy comes into it. If there's no love, why bother getting jealous?
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In the situation as I've outlined it, it shouldn't hurt your actual spouse. Royalty had mistresses and concubines. If your partner isn't really expecting eternal love, is there really a duty to provide it? mean royalties in ancient times? That doesn't count, they were Kings, not having a harem of women would be considered weird. The purpose of Queen would be to attend the King's needs at night and give him a heir, a male one preferrably. The actual spouses don't feel betrayed because most of them are just glad they managed to marry themselves into ROYALTY. And they try to stick with their husband and not piss them off by touching other men.

Of course there are exceptions here and there.

As for marriage being for love, again, the main purpose in a marriage is for the good of the family, not that important of a requirement. I'm speaking more in terms of loyalty.
As for sex being important or not, depends on the culture, but for many, it's like a dog and his precious fire hydrant. Leak on their, fire hydrant, and they'll bite your balls off.

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Didn't say it would be a common occurrence. Just one in which I would attach no blame. And arranged marriages of that sort don't have to be royalty, though in that case there would be mistresses rather than concubines if anything.
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@Arha You don't have to "love" someone to be jealous about them having affairs; marriage is typically supposed to be a commitment, there doesn't have to romantic love in order to honor such a thing.
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I guess I'm just one of those weird people who doesn't see what the big deal is with adultery. I suppose if you define "adultery" as "having a relationship with someone without the knowledge or consent of the you're currently involved with," then I would agree, that's a terrible thing to do to someone, and I don't think there's ever a good reason to do it. But when I see adultery being defined as "having sex with people outside your relationship," I just think BFD.
59 BlueNinja02nd Mar 2011 03:45:08 PM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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it's a rather messy process, but then again, both people went through a rather messy process to be married. - Usht
Unless they got married in Vegas. /derail

Another situation when adultery is justified is when the partner is also cheating. One who cannot hold their own promises does not deserve promises made to them held. - Beholderess
I disagree; "They do it too!" is not a valid justification for committing a wrongdoing yourself. It's a valid excuse for filing for divorce  * but it's not a valid excuse for adultery.

What about finding a new partner after having moved out? *lives in acountry where marriages have to live apart(even if just in different rooms) for at least one year before they can divorce* Or if they're waiting for the divorce to be final? - myrdschaem
IMO, even if they get reconciled later, this would not count as "adultery" because they are separated with the intent of staying that way.

I've only known of one situation where adultery was going on that I was sympathetic to. The mom of one of my friends in high school had a couple of semi-regular lovers on the side, because her husband had no sex drive anymore and refused to have sex with her.  *

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^^^ Well then, in that case, I have to say too bad. Under the conditions of an arranged marriage that wasn't supposed to be for love I don't think you should be barred from having a happy sex life or love or whatever. Obviously this doesn't apply to normal relationships, but under those limited circumstances I wouldn't raise an eyebrow.
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@Arha That's the difference between you and me then.
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62 HellmanSabian3rd Mar 2011 03:46:33 AM from The United Kingdom , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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I personally think it can't be justified either way.
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