Last living U.S. WWI veteran dies:

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Just saw it on CNN. A piece of our history is gone forever. Farewell brave soldier, and may you go to your eternal rest. God Bless. sad

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I listened to the interview he did on NPR three years ago.

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My great-grandfather tried doing the lying-about-his-age thing to get into WWI, also, he wanted to be a fighter pilot - but he was only 14 at the time, so fat chance of that happening. Ended up rafting up and down upstate New York instead for a year or two.
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There's only one confirmed combat veteran of WW1 left now. It's a miracle they've survived this long.
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Though there are one or two other non-combat veterans of the war remaining.

Britain has promised a state funeral for the last survivor I think, though as he's in Australia I don't know if we'll actually do it.
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Well, only one thing I can say...

Thanks for fighting for us, despite, or even because of, what many of us are. Many thanks.
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Farewell, Corporal Frank Buckles. An american hero if ever there was. You will be missed.
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Sad to think that in my lifetime I'll probably see the last WW2 survivors go too.
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[up] Same deal if you talk about any war veteran around the world. Whether or not they were conscripted, many went through hell and back, living to tell the tale. This is the reason Veterans/Armed Forces/Armistice/Remembrance Day is around; they're meant to honor the fallen and vets since WWI.

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