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The forum's just gone apeshit for me.:

 1 Rich Reeders, Sun, 27th Feb '11 2:17:01 PM from Watching this muffin.
Official Muffin Watcher
Did I just bust something? The forum and roughly half the site takes about two minutes to load, looks like this and pictures don't load:

I've cleared my cookies and it still looks like this.


edited 27th Feb '11 2:19:10 PM by RichReeders

Don't you try anything, you baked good you.
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In my experience, the pages take forever to load, unless you click BACK and FORWARD on your browser each time you try to read something.

A pain in the butt when you try to open a new tab, but not a huge hassle if you're reading the forum linearly.
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 3 snowfoxofdeath, Sun, 27th Feb '11 2:20:56 PM from San Francisco Suburb
Thou errant flap-dragon!
Others are having this problem too. Quote from the news sidebar:

27th Feb: Some parts of the Internet are being blocked from accessing the static server. This is affecting the way the forum and some pages look.
 4 Rich Reeders, Sun, 27th Feb '11 2:27:41 PM from Watching this muffin.
Official Muffin Watcher
Yeah, I just saw that now.

It's just it happened right after I'd posted something, so I thought I'd screwed something up.
Don't you try anything, you baked good you.
 5 Madrugada, Sun, 27th Feb '11 4:52:14 PM Relationship Status: In season
Read the headlines and follow the link. Locking this up.
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