Potential uses for shark taming:

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Gay Jesus
Several shark species appearently can be tamed to an extent. Most notably are leopard sharks, zebra sharks and, possibly, porbeagles.

I think that shark domestication could have some potential benevolent effects. For example, modern fishermen in Asia colaborate with cormorants and otters when fishing; sharks, being much better than those creatures at gathering fish, would be good "sea herding dogs".
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Hmm... any mentions of frikin' laser beams or sleigh rides will lead to a thump.

Include this post.

Oh sh-

Anywho, what can they be trained to do? That porbeagle entry describes something more like a fetching dog. Marlin hunts, perhaps? Porbeagles instead of actual beagles.

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Gay Jesus
Zebra and leopard sharks, according to a documentary I've seen, can be trained to do "dolphin stuff" (except jumping out of the water, of course). Maybe use 'em as underwater probes?

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4 MarkVonLewis28th Feb 2011 02:03:25 AM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
I'd get one as a pet. Then people would see a motherfucking shark in my pool and know I'm badass.

And I'd train it to do dolphin-like jumps.
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I mentioned the topic at hand to my brother and he suggested taming a really big shark and using it to scare other sharks away from beaches. I'm not sure how well it'd actually work, but it's an interesting idea.
Gay Jesus
Tiger sharks appearently can be tamed, and they eat other sharks, so...
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Mark, you can already get pet sharks.

Although your pool would be rather expensive what with a salt water filtration system.

I'd also like to point out that training != taming. It would take a lot of breeding to make generation of sharks that would actually behave consistantly.
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Gay Jesus
Or faster methods of genetic engineering...

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We could have attack sharks damn it! Someone tries to break into your house, sic the sharks on em!
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