What Happened to the 'Incest' thread?:

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1 MRDA198127th Feb 2011 05:56:43 AM from Hell (London), UK.
Tyrannicidal Maniac
Here yesterday; gone today: what gives?
vigilantly taxonomish
Nothing about it in Hollers that I can see.

Was it overtly sexual? Sex threads are banned.

Was it flamey? It might have been zapped to get folks to calm down.

If neither, it was at least by its very nature reminiscent of the threads that started Stygian Saturday, which may have been perceived as grounds for a pre-emptive nuke.

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Sex wasn't discussed in the thread.

I mean, not in detail, obviously.
4 blackcat27th Feb 2011 06:53:31 AM , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
There was a holler about activity on the thread last night. I did not nuke the thread but it was going down hill fast.

Flamey and some bullying and some whining.

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Bullying? That's not how I would have described it.
6 MRDA198127th Feb 2011 07:51:02 AM from Hell (London), UK.
Tyrannicidal Maniac
So what exactly went down?
7 Chagen4627th Feb 2011 08:50:56 AM from I don't really know
I had a different opinion than everyone else, and they all dogpiled me till it got too bad to keep it.

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We were discussing the moral implications of incest and Chagen objected to it, at first with no rationale, and then for religious rationale only.

Almost everyone else tried to call him out for it, but he refused to even consider an alternative viewpoint, even when his own interest in Ho Yay and Les Yay was compared with Incest Yay.

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vigilantly taxonomish
OK, mystery solved.

And we appear to have both sides of the story here, so, locking.
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