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Scientific racism
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Scientific racism:

@ Shrimpus: As much as I hate throwing out the Citation Needed argument, you posited a lot of viewpoints as "facts" there that could really make or break this entire debate as a whole. So, if you have any verified sources, I'd ask you to share so that we can take them into account before arguing further.

 52 Shrimpus, Tue, 1st Mar '11 8:20:22 AM from Brooklyn, NY, US
Which points in particular are you looking for?

There is a ton of evidence to show that some lineages are better than others (IE smart people breed true) but proper education and streaming is such a powerful force that it will obliterate racial differences.

For starters.

 54 Shrimpus, Tue, 1st Mar '11 7:00:20 PM from Brooklyn, NY, US
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 55 Jordan, Tue, 1st Mar '11 7:01:27 PM from Westeros
Azor Ahai
Holy bad formatting Batman.
 56 Shrimpus, Tue, 1st Mar '11 7:06:34 PM from Brooklyn, NY, US
Help! I can't control it!

Edit: But like seriously I can't for the life of me remember the url embedding syntax

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Thanks. The pdfs aren't working for me at the moment, so I'll need to check my Adobe plugins.

But I was interested in the idea that "intelligence breeds true". How do we know of this?

 58 Shrimpus, Wed, 2nd Mar '11 7:44:14 AM from Brooklyn, NY, US
Smart people raise smart children but they also birth smart children. Adoption studies are like catnip to social scientists and as early as the 40s you have people asking the question "nature or nurture". There have been a lot of longitudinal studies on adoption and identical twins separated at birth and such. The general consensus is that early development (which is like 50% feeding) matters a lot but that intelligence and even such things as nebulous as career or philosophy can be inherited from a parent you never knew.

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