White People and the "Diversity Olympics":

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201 Kino1st Mar 2011 09:49:57 PM , Relationship Status: Californicating
^Black Det. Stabler?
202 Barkey1st Mar 2011 09:51:13 PM from Bunker 051 , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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But much more scary. Shaved head and a moustache too.

So think of a cross between how Ice T rolled in SVU, with Stabler. Stablers logic with Ice T's manners and military history.

Edit: Oh, and Stablers family. I have two half-siblings who are both young.

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The AR-15 is responsible for 95% of all deaths each year. The rest of the deaths are from obesity and drone strikes.
It's easy, mmkay?
Why did I read the title of this thread as a Character Name and the Noun Phrase story title?
At first I didn't realize I needed all this stuff...
204 Kino1st Mar 2011 09:52:25 PM , Relationship Status: Californicating
Well make sure to let us know if he gets out a phonebook...
205 BalloonFleet1st Mar 2011 10:15:14 PM from Chicago, IL, USA
My step-dad is a black cop, he's the most racist guy I know. Many a time in high school when he would come home from work, drop his duty belt on the table and go "Fucking niggers.. I swear.."

That's well...more of classism. A sort of 'hurr we're middle class blacks and we hate on 'ghetto' blacks but we still get shit on by society too so we redirect it as we feel bad' type shit.

I'm reminded of the cop in Menace in South Central who was a self-hating black man and REALLY hated 'niggers'. just bugs me

The black police officers I knew (mother's boyfriend and grandfather) didnt use that word. The mother's boyfriend complained about 'thugs' and 'knuckleheads' a lot. lol

Using the 'n' word/discussing the meaning is....drama-filled. Even in the black nation/community/whatever .... :/

@balloon:...And every white person's in on the big "hold down the darkies" conspiracy, yes we know.

lol wut

^Your step-dad sounds like a guy I know; did he do the sagging jeans rant?

Get Off My Lawn Kids! and stop wearing du-rags in public and dancing to the hippity-hop! Back in my day we listened to Al Green and LIKED IT!

Kids these days.

Never Mind the fact that I used to do drag races when younger lolz

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....with lolis!
206 BalloonFleet1st Mar 2011 10:28:56 PM from Chicago, IL, USA
I forgot

It seems to be a common trait amongst white people that when they say anything with even vaguely negative racial connotations, they must invoke what I am now going to refer to as the Diversity Principle

Black People do the 'Not to be racist, but...." or "I'm not making fun of you, I'm just wondering why x group of people do y thing"

Also pulling the "We don't know him, he just follows us around" and joking "stop doing that little girl/boy" etc in Standard American English when someone says something excessively questionable I guess. (well that's more of joking)

Funny to see people go from ghetto to speaking proper and shit in like 10 secs. tongue

Basically people of all races do some sort of defense mechanism when they know what they say will sound pretty insensitive or dickish.

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207 Barkey1st Mar 2011 11:05:39 PM from Bunker 051 , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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That's well...more of classism. A sort of 'hurr we're middle class blacks and we hate on 'ghetto' blacks but we still get shit on by society too so we redirect it as we feel bad' type shit.

Meh, I don't know that it's that. He seems to really hate everyone for the most part.

And I mean everyone, my step-dad is one grizzled SOB, he isn't really nice to anybody except my mom and the kids. Back then he was out in the Inglewood area as his beat though, he hated that shit so much.
The AR-15 is responsible for 95% of all deaths each year. The rest of the deaths are from obesity and drone strikes.
208 BalloonFleet2nd Mar 2011 07:18:17 AM from Chicago, IL, USA
[up]seems dickish -_____-

....with lolis!
209 Kino2nd Mar 2011 07:20:30 AM , Relationship Status: Californicating
^^Sounds like my dad. I remember the day I had to sit through him and this former IDF guy talk about how basic training changed and kids these days have it easy.
It would be impossible for someone to play the "Diversity Olympics" where I come from. For one, the continually shrinking white population are the minority (not that it matters). And two, with all the different kinds of immigrants coming in to the area odds are you will know at least one black person, one asian person (south and/or east), and about five different kinds of "hispanics".

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211 Barkey2nd Mar 2011 07:44:45 AM from Bunker 051 , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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[up]seems dickish -_____-

Nah, he's just easily misunderstood. He's a good guy at heart, but lots of cops are kind of like him. When you spend 12 hours a day dealing with people who are lying to you to save their own skins, you get a little jaded.

And it was Inglewood after all, it's a really high crime area, and cops aren't exactly welcomed. I'll admit that as someone in law enforcement I have just as much of a bias against anyone wearing even loosely related "gang attire" in an area like that. There's just some people that you look at and the first thing your cop-sense says to you is "trouble". I get the same vibe from all the whites living in the trailer park down the road from the base who never stop trying to bum cigarettes on me through the fence while I'm on patrol.
The AR-15 is responsible for 95% of all deaths each year. The rest of the deaths are from obesity and drone strikes.
212 MRDA19812nd Mar 2011 05:20:20 PM from Hell (London), UK.
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Here's a fun one: I've never had black friends in my nineteen years of existence despite being black. Actually, most black people my age don't like me.

Do they try feeding you the whole "acting white" shtick?
213 MousaThe142nd Mar 2011 06:00:36 PM from Northern Virginia , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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[up] Not really. I don't hear that line often at all even tough I expected it a lot. Though the more friendly ones are surprised by my certain lack of "Blackness" than they are saying I'm "acting white". It's weird.
214 rmctagg092nd Mar 2011 09:35:24 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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[up][up] They have to me in the past.
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215 Sisi9th Feb 2014 04:36:41 PM from Toronto , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Kinda flogging the dead horse, but I head a thought. I'm Canadian, from Toronto, and as someone already mentioned, ethnic humour is pretty well accepted and enjoyed as long as it doesn't cross the line into inappropriate. One interesting subset of this type of humour is the munjacake jokes. I don't how much of a thing it is elsewhere in the West, but here, my generation was raised to be proud of our ethnicity, which in turn created this situation where Caucasians would poke fun of each other with ethnic humor. Again, it's mostly not serious and is probably best exemplified by My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Basically European white people (like myself) who were raised in very cultural households - Croatian, Polish, Serbian, Portuguese etc. make fun of whitebread Irish and English Canadians or multiple generation (more than 3 or 4) Canadians who are quite the minority, for being, well...extraordinarily white. At the same time, it can cause actual issues. The wedding problems in MBFGW? Yeah My sister is marrying an Irish Canadian guy and you wouldn't believe how different an eastern European wedding is to a Canadian one. My mom and she have argued incessantly about menus the guest list, hell, even the way we runs wedding showers is opposite to Western etiquette. Anywho, sorry for the spiel...but has anyone else experienced the munjacake thing?
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216 Zendervai9th Feb 2014 04:47:14 PM from St. Catharines , Relationship Status: Wishing you were here
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I live in Toronto too, but what I tend to see is specific towns and cities made fun of for being excessively white, like Windsor or Uxbridge.
217 somerandomdude9th Feb 2014 08:40:12 PM from Dark side of the moon , Relationship Status: How YOU doin'?
I went to high school in a rural part of Ohio. We jokingly called it the "Southern North Pole" because - wait for it - everything was white. The few minority students were generally okay with race based jokes, as just as many were made at our expense.note 

One of my friends, a fellow saxophone player, was half Asian, and was friends with another half Asian guy. Just from a pure numbers game, it was just kind of an unstated assumption that they were cousins, but it turned out they weren't related at all. She jokingly complained "Just because we're both Asians doesn't mean anything!" to which I pointed out, "It does at this school."

At my college, which is in downtown Chicago, the situation is considerably different. International Asian students (mostly Chinese and Indian) actually make up the bulk of student body, but the entire student body is very diverse, so I naturally have a much more diverse circle of friends over here.

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218 Joesolo9th Feb 2014 08:59:44 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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Pretty varied my school, though alot more indians(india-indians that is) than average thanks to a hindu temple in town. My group was fairly diverse I'd say, but we were really kind of the outcasts of everything else. couple hispanics, couple italians(me and my friends), two african-americans. Once we got into high school got a little more varied, I dated a Fillipino for awhile, was friends with another 2 or 3, our "group" ended up gaining a chinese girl and social circles crossed over with alot more people. Talked to a few indians occasionally, but they stuck with their own a lot. a number of them in an assholish group that turned any gym game(usually permutations of soccer/football with slight modifications on rules) into a more extreme contact sport, and it got interesting once my friend and I started playing their way.

if you want sexuality stuff, it ran the gambit. One girl(close freind these days) was between striaght to gay to bi to "i don't know"(current stage that she declares when pressed). One's pretty much a Real Life case of Single-Target Sexuality, and his girlfriend claims to be "pansexual", which is believable given the occasional grabs toward the straightest female of the group tongue the rest the evidence points towards straight but wasn't really close enough with them to know for sure. aquaintaince wise around half a dozen gay/bi guys(they changed their minds by the month), and a lesbian or two that I knew of for sure.

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It seems like every (more like 1/50 but I like to exaggerate) white person loves mentioning how they totally irish or italian or whatever (literally no one in the universe cares if you're 1/4 irish in america) they are and how this totally gives them deep insight into racial issues.

Another thing, Atheists think they/we are way more persecuted than we are. I believe you are in all seriousness more likely to face discrimination for being white, male ect. than for being atheist. I also roll my eyes like crazy when people will list "atheist" alongside groups like PO Cs and the GLTBQ community and example of "persecuted minorities." It's like comparing the US before the revolution to places like Scotland and India.

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220 kostya10th Feb 2014 04:47:57 AM from Everywhere , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Atheists can face discrimination. I have no clue why you think they can't. Maybe it isn't as bad as the stuff other groups face but they are still ridiculed by Christians on a regular basis and in the US they have to deal with the fact that Christianity is presumed the default by the government most of the time.
221 joesolo10th Feb 2014 05:19:58 AM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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[up][up] well fuck you man I'm 3/4 Italian. Just because we don't have a billion people doesn't mean we're not a race.
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I don't think atheists never face discrimination, sorry for being unclear. I just think this level of discrimination is very minor most of the time compared to that faced by the other go to examples for marginalized groups. Some atheists have their lives made hell because for their beliefs, tbh I'm sorry for trivializing that in my earlier post. I do think the level of discrimination faced by atheists is heavily exaggerated, most likely due to otherwise privileged people who want to take a go at the oppression/diversity Olympics.

^You can be a race if you want, just not an oppressed one.

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[up][up]Race is an entirely arbitrary label. If you want to call 'Italian' a race, you'd have to define exactly what you mean by the term.
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224 joesolo10th Feb 2014 05:40:03 AM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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[up][up] yea my ass. Learn some history and you'll know better. Everything from the kkk on down's gone after us at some point.

And I hadn't even been saying anything about that I was just sharing what my group was made up of.

Just the way you said that before was just incredibly against how you carry out a civil conversation, what are you even doing on these forums if you don't want to follow the core principal?

I'm baaaaaaack
Any group you care to name has been oppressed at some point, doesn't mean being a white Italian/Irishman ect is going to get you lynched anymore than being a christian will get you thrown into a lion pit.

And I'm literally just talking about the thread topic dude, sorry if that offends you.

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