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Azor Ahai
Saw the episode earlier and thought it was great. Yeah, Bobb Newport is kind of becoming a George W. Bush expy (or at least reflects the idea of him as an Upper-Class Twit "Well Done, Son!" Guy). It showed nuance in the writing to present him as a pretty good guy even if his father presumably isn't. I thought Jennifer had taken a bit of a level in jerkass though.

That was nice how everyone was enthralled by Andy acting out movie scenes. Reminded me of the touching scene in a previous episode where Donna is enthralled by Jerry's methodical envelope stuffing.

Also, congratulations to Amy Pohler for presumably ending (at least temporarily) Ann having arcs that revolve around her dating one of the other cast members. Although, still waiting on the Ann/Ben/Leslie OT3.

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That was a good way to do product placement. Hey, if you are going to do it, at least do it in a fun way that also allows you to characterize Bobby. Seems the Xbox is trying very hard to be a Wii.

I really hope Stratechris (Hey, I just invented a portmanteau, I am awesome) is really a instance of Throw The Dog Abone for both dogs. And not just the strategist (whats her name) using Chris to pull some new stunt.

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Azor Ahai
Loved Jerry's pieing. I'm a bit annoyed with Chris' arc this season. Seems kind of like flanderization- before he was always super-chipper which made it hard for him to deal with unhappy things (but he managed), but this season, he's been an unconvincing Stepford Smiler who everyone knows is depressed. So yeah, maybe this episode will change that.
Somehow the season finale has already been leaked, I'm watching a stream right now (not sure if it's ok to put up a link for it though).
That was fun. Not the most hilarious episode. But appropriate for season final, I think. Just the usual shake up before seasons. The status quo appears messed up. Leslie won. Ben will go to Washington for 6 months (I sort of suspected something like this was going to happen). And, most importantly, April seems to want to aid Andy in becoming a cop.

Chris got abandoned by the strategist, so I guess he will return to emo Chris.

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The new season is here, how did everyone find it?

I was glad to see Chris back with his old hair style. And also going back to his cheerful, but stern self.
Ok premiere. But just ok.

Yeah, Chris is giving signs that depressed Chris is not around anymore, hope it stays this way.
probably drunk again
Nice. Ron Swanson dating Xena Warrior Princess.
The Darkest Timeline
Did Ben get wiki credit for writing Star Trek fanfiction yet?
This ep is the first one in the season that feels like truly a parks episode. Leslie got a project. Ron was as awesome and heartwarming and ever. Andy and Tom did their wacky roles. All while making for a very funny episode.

I hope Ben and April go back to Pawnee soon, cause their interactions are getting old. I guess that once the elections are out Ben won't have a campaign to work in anymore.

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I am really liking Ron's new girlfriend. Plus with her kids that's a lot of chances for character development.

BTW, quite a shocker in that episode's ending...

I think Leslie's is the best Halloween costume ever.

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62 wuggles27th Oct 2012 11:44:10 AM from Miami, FL , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
[up] I know right? When Ben went down on one knee I was literally squealing.
I was worried that the episode was going to be the start of an arc involving Ben and Leslie breaking up.

I was so glad to be wrong.
“We’re a Twizzlers family.”

Oh my.

Solid episode. But I am starting to think Chris will have to return to Indiana...

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They are in Indiana.....

I fail at US geography.
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Leslie meeting Joe Biden, too funny.
Oh, Hitler, you sexy bastard!

Edit: So I was rewatching April and Andy's fancy party from season 3 and there is that scene in which Chris pwns April's awfully creepy friend . "Exactly! Mortality! See I like to take each day at a time. There's nothing in the world we can't accomplish if we try!.''

Who should I blame for derailing Chris this awfully?

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Holy shock.

I was wondering what would happen if Xena faced Tammy 2. It lasted only a few seconds but it was already established, Xena wins. Tammy 2 was completely scared when Diane said she wanted an even battle.

And another shock. Ron x Leslie. Diane is actually quite right. Never thought about this cause it is a bit squicky, but Ron does like strong women speaking of which, I wonder how is she going to react to the news that April knows Duke Silver. But I am just commenting the episode to myself, mostly.

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Did anyone watch the premiere?
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I did. I feel like this might be the final season. They seem to be setting up a lot of plot lines that can be wrapped up for a series finale. Also it has been confirmed that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving halfway through the season.
Fun Premier. Tom has an interesting arc ahead of him and finding out more about Jean Ralphio's ridiculous family is always worth watching.
lol when Xena said that her middle name was Tammy and then it turns out she was kidding. Glad Ron found his Combo breaker
Cleric of Banjo
Spoiler is funny. I'd guessed that would turn out to be true and would be revealed in the final scene of the show, with an accompanying look of horror on Ron's face.
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