What Does 'Family Values' Mean To You? :

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Nepotism IS part of family values tongue.

Gotta side with your folks, y'know? ;)

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52 BlueNinja028th Feb 2011 01:46:01 AM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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It also means hypocisy in my dictionary, because i've never met someone espousing family values who walked the walk - pathfinder
IMX, the rare ones who actually "walk the walk" on family values are almost never the most vocal about it - they're too busy being good people to try and harass people whose ideal life wasn't minted in the 1950's.

Gotta side with your folks, y'know? - Savage Heathen
Which folks would those be - my dad, the slot machine addict? my mom, the control freak, who says I'm a bad parent for doing the exact same thing she'd do to me? all my aunts and uncles, none of whom is willing to talk to me?  *
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yes, blue, the ones walking the walk don't talk the talk, and vice versa. I've found this to be the case. I like the walkers, and despise the talkers
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Your spouse and kids. smile These are the ones you stand up for. Easy as that.

I'm sorry your family is that screwed up. Mine sucks, too, but not so badly.

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You exist because we allow it and you will end because we demand it.
55 KCK28th Feb 2011 03:11:35 AM from In your closet
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@SH Agreeing with your family just because they're your family is a dangerous idea; plenty of people have gotten mistreated, harmed, belittled, and murdered because someone wasn't willing to admit that sometimes there are things more important than "defending" family members.
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Obviously, family loyalty is kept only with a loyal family. wink If they're abusive, it makes no sense to stay loyal.

You exist because we allow it and you will end because we demand it.
57 joeyjojo28th Feb 2011 04:38:43 AM from South Sydney: go the bunnies!
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agreed. You don't kiss the ass that is shiting on you.
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58 Usht28th Feb 2011 04:40:05 AM from an arbitrary view point.
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If they're abusive, there was no mutual set of "Family Values" to begin with. If you're the parent on the receiving end of this, I hope you know how to discipline your child. If you're the child on the receiving end of this, well... time to either talk it out and if that fails repeatedly, get out.
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59 Deboss28th Feb 2011 04:43:05 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
It sounds like "I value my family and their wellbeing" in some form or another.
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