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51 Filraen25th Sep 2012 04:00:49 AM from Monstro Town
I'm terrible at even following action scenes. =/

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52 EvaUnit0125th Sep 2012 07:51:02 AM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Duly noted. Anyone else?
53 FurikoMaru25th Sep 2012 12:10:29 PM from The Arrogant Wasteland , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
Reverse the Curse
Kyon is lightning; the rain transformed. ^_^

(Had to. Had to.)

54 EvaUnit0126th Sep 2012 06:27:39 AM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
55 EvaUnit0113th Nov 2012 08:50:39 PM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Another snippet of The Mighty Kyon, keeping this thread zombified for another day!

About that time, the little pecker slammed into me from about seven o'clock - behind and to the left, for anyone curious. It wasn't enough blunt force to cause an actual injury - nowhere near it - but he did knock me on my faux-Asgardian ass.

And then there was a burst of energy that I felt, rather than saw - more than likely, Pen-Pen's battle aura flared up - and then I got the sense that he dove at me from above. Remember when Sephiroth killed Aerith in Final Fantasy VII? It was that kind of a move.

Don't look at me like that - it doesn't even count as a spoiler anymore.
I've got more, but that's a fine place to stop it for tonight. More snippet tomorrow.

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56 EvaUnit0113th Nov 2012 09:09:56 PM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
I just had a weird thought:

Have Haruhi Suzumiya be Kamen Rider Faiz.

Yes, Itsuki, that means that technically speaking, God Is Dead. And yes, Kyon, that means that even being a zombie won't stop Haruhi from harassing you.

Despite retaining the nature of Orphenochs including Faiz, the fic would otherwise be Lighter and Softer. Not as Light And Soft as TMOHS itself, but definitely closer to it than to KRF.

Any takers? Or, failing that, comments?
57 EvaUnit0114th Nov 2012 10:30:27 AM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
More zombie-posting. Here's the rest of what I currently have.

Anyway, I quickly rolling over to the side, I barely got out of the way as a giant hole appeared in the ground where Iíd been. And it wasnít the kind of hole made from a punch, more like a stab wound.

... You know what, screw this. Since Pen-Penís probably some kind of a robot Ė or, now that I think of it, being a cyborg is more likely Ė Iím just going to make this easy on myself and create a massive EMP to short out his electronics. If Pen-Penís not cybernetic at all, then... hopefully the electrical field will make his battle aura visible so I can deck him in the beak, or something.

Sensing my intent, Mjolnir starts to power itself up, instantly generating a charge of around three billion gigawatts.

Overkill? No such thing!

....Damnit, the Aesir keep rubbing off on me.

Less thinking, more fighting. I swung Mjolnir by its strap really, really fast, lightning flew everywhere, and sure enough, Pen-Pen becomes visible, throwing lots of sparks about. However, heís still limping at me and he looks pretty determined.

Cyborg, then. No idea why I care so much, other than that Iím feeling pedantic today. Still, I can think of only one person messed up enough to give a penguin cybernetic upgrades, ninja training, and Date Masamuneís fighting style.
58 Filraen14th Nov 2012 10:46:43 AM from Monstro Town
Oddly, I have only comments on the last lines:

Don't look at me in that tone of voice - it doesn't even count as a spoiler anymore.

You are using an random-looking happenings and a Lemony Narrator to bring the jokes, using "voice" as something you're "looking" with breaks the flow of serious Kyon being serious.

Still, I can think of only one person messed up enough to give a penguin cybernetic upgrades, ninja training, and Date Masamuneís fighting style.

That's too scpecific XD
59 EvaUnit0114th Nov 2012 10:49:07 AM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
My dad often says "don't look at me in that tone of voice" when I (usually unintentionally) give him a Death Glare. I can change that line if it bothers you, though.

The whole thing is, up to this point, an extended flashback. Currently, he knows a total of three individuals who'd think to give a penguin any one of those things, but only one individual who'd think to use all three.

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60 Filraen14th Nov 2012 07:20:37 PM from Monstro Town
  1. I think it'd feel better if it was changed, thanks.

  2. Oh, I actually don't have any problems with that quote, it was just a happy sarcastic (as strange as it sounds) comment of mine.
61 EvaUnit0115th Nov 2012 09:10:52 AM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Changed it, thanks for the input. As a reward for your taking the time to read my stuff and comment upon it, I have more snippet! Well, actually, it's just a single paragraph, but it's better than nothing, I hope.

Loki, the God of Mischief. We skipped over his debut because that incident wasnít too interesting, just know that it involved some brunette girl around my age and an attempted invasion with flying saucers. Loki claims to be my brother Ė and since Odinís called the ĎAll-Fatherí, I suppose one could make a symbolic case for that... except that Iím not Asgardian!
@ Shanejayell: If you are reading this thread, I'd like to comment that Haruhi Panic! is waffier then candyfloss. Also, the author's inner yuri intimidates me.
Rather than smart, I'd prefer to be wise. It would let me be silly more often.

Good, I think.

I really want to write a TMOHS / Phineas and Ferb crossover someday. I have no idea what its going to be about beyond that, mind you, but it's going to happen and it's going to be good.

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65 EvaUnit015th Jan 2013 07:05:38 PM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart

For whatever inane reason, the school trip this year was to some city in the United States called Danville.

Just as Haruhi was starting to be... too Haruhi for my nerves to handle, we bumped into a couple of brothers who, at the time, seemed like a godsend.

Ignoring their oddly-shaped heads, I asked, "Would you two mind doing me a favor?"

"Sure thing, what do you need?" the triangle-headed short one replied.

Pointing at Haruhi, I said, "Think you can keep her entertained and out of my hair for a while?"

A proverbial lightbulb went on over his head as he nodded, before turning to his brother and saying, "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! Hey, where's Perry?"

Not really caring about this 'Perry', I told Haruhi that these kids would show her how American kids have fun. She seemed a little pouty, but went with it after only a token complaint.

Several hours later, I saw her piloting a robotic dinosaur and mock-fighting the kids, who were in a Mazinger knockoff apparently made from a treehouse.

So all in all, it was kind of a slow day for me.
[up] That's amazing. smile
67 EvaUnit015th Jan 2013 07:51:59 PM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Part 2:

At day's end, Haruhi shoved me against the wall, tackling me in the way normally reserved for Miss Asahina.

Eyes shining with excitement, she said, "Kyon, this was the best day EVER! Naturally, I made them honorary members of the SOS Brigade, so tomorrow we'll engage in club activities!"

Before I could remark about the absurdity of doing club activities during a school trip, she shoved her tongue down my throat before skipping off to her room.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?
68 Filraen6th Jan 2013 04:12:53 AM from Monstro Town
[up][up] Another job well done. I've started writing mine.

In other news, guess who has post 69? waii

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70 EvaUnit017th Jan 2013 08:55:34 AM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
I'm sure there's a sequel snippet or two - or possibly even a whole fic's worth of material - to be gotten from this, but I question whether I'm the man to write it.

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71 Filraen7th Jan 2013 11:46:04 AM from Monstro Town
[up] *Insert mock drill sargeant speech here*
72 EvaUnit017th Jan 2013 11:48:15 AM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Your attempt at a Rousing Speech would be more successful with an actual speech, but I appreciate the sentiment.
73 Filraen7th Jan 2013 12:14:39 PM from Monstro Town
That's because it isn't an attempt at a Rousing Speech, just a parody of one because of the character involved in the middle in the idea of throwing a lame joke.

You want something more like serious. Let my try something less joking and more honest...

The snips were funny because I like Kyon's Deadpan Snarker tendencies. The main trouble as I say is how to set the premise: either the SOS Brigade going to... (where do Phineas and Ferb live?) or viceversa sound much like a handwawe if you ask me.

Now, if you manage to solve that I think it may work. Kyon's snarkiness would start working overtime (and that's sayimng something) while Haruhi being on cloud nine. Then we have extra trouble, like creating Closed space not in Japan with other spers close by (and Yuki being given orders not to intervene in Closed Space business). Thus askign Help from the brothers while Candace is going shopping with Mikuru.

Then P&F decide to examine Koizumi's ESP powers. While the Mad Doc got some strange readings and wants to investigate what happened...

Yes, I think it may work. I suck at writing though, but I've liked some of the fics you've written so I think it'd turn out nice if you'd write it.
74 EvaUnit017th Jan 2013 07:11:54 PM , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
Wow, to think I was trying a lame joke...

Factoid: They live in Danville, in the Tri-State Area. Which, to me personally, implies somewhere in Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana.

Handwave? Admittedly so, but at least I gave a lame reason for the journey (school trip).

I really don't think I'm that good at writing snark, and yet according to the people who've actually read my Haruhi fics, apparently everyone else things I am good at it. Huh. If I ever get more drive - and ideas - I might actually take TMOHS up as my primary fandom someday.

Thing is, due to their nature as Slice of Life storise, HS and P/F are very hard for me to come up with ideas for. *

That said, though, I will meditate on your suggestions and see if I can squeeze out a proper oneshot for this.
Wait, this page exists? I'll have some comments to make here soon, so bumping to the top of the page.
Rather than smart, I'd prefer to be wise. It would let me be silly more often.

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