Reporter says on live TV that her co-anchor has a small penis.:

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Here's the video. I heard of it through Ray William Johnson.

It's not a big deal in and of itself, but I do think this reflects on society's Double Standards. People in the comments section are all like "oh, burn!" but if it had been a male saying that a female co-anchor was flat-chested, he'd probably face a lot more backlash for it, which begs the question, whose fault would such a Double Standard be?
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...Why did she say that?
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[up] For a viral-video ratings boost, maybe? That's what Ray William Johnson suggested.
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[up] I love the idea that people sat down at a meeting and decided that the best way to attract viewers was to mention Mark's small penis.

"These are desperate times, gentlemen. And it's times like this we need to break out our "ace in the hole". And by "hole" I mean "pants" and by "ace" I mean "small penis"..and by all that, I mean someone should really hint that Mark has a small penis while on air."

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Didn't it seem like she was mad at him? I thought the comment was passive-aggressive, but I could be wrong.

This Double Standard is annoying though.
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6 Pykrete22nd Feb 2011 05:37:50 PM from Viridian Forest
Yeah it seemed like a passive aggressive shot for something that happened off-air. Pretty sophomoric and petty for a professional news outlet though.

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"Didn't it seem like she was mad at him?" - snailbait

Mad at him for having a small penis, or something else? If her problem was with something else, then that "something else" should have been what she insulted him about. Anything else is disingenuous.

... not that I'd expect honesty from reporters in this day and age. -.-
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She made (what seemed like) a passive aggressive comment, making me think that she might not be too happy with him. It's just a theory anyway.
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[up] My point is, if she wasn't happy with him, then unless it was specifically ABOUT his small penis it would be disingenuous of her to snark at THAT of all things.
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*BLEEP* Double Standard, FIRE HER!!!

(or at least put her off air for a little while. Seriously, this is like a man saying that his co-anchor is a D-cup)
[up] I have to wonder why the people in that comments section haven't addressed this kind of hypocrisy.
For some reason my mental image is that she had sex with him, was dissatisfied, and so decided to report it as news.
[up] Question is, if a guy was dissatisfied by a girl, would it be considered okay for him to report it as news?

Meh, whatever, I'm going to bed. Well, I might get back up if I fail to fall asleep, but for now, goodnight.
I'm not saying that it was right in any case. I'm saying that that is how my imagination filled in the holes for "what resulted in this in the first place".
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Yeah, I don't think anyone's disagreeing with you, neo. I'm just curious on why she said it, not whether or not she should have said it.
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16 snowfoxofdeath22nd Feb 2011 06:18:07 PM from San Francisco Suburb
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Now, how did she know about it in the first place?
My explanation answers that.
18 Shrimpus22nd Feb 2011 06:23:01 PM from Brooklyn, NY, US
Double standards are useful when two different objects are being compared.

EDIT: Also, did anyone else get a feeling she was paying a back handed compliment. Like "he uses it well".

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If she was mad at him over something other than the size of his penis, she may simply have insulted it because it was an easy thing to insult and the opportunity presented itself.
[up] Still worth noting how disingenuous that would be, though.
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When you screw someone, you risk your performance being commented.

What's the big deal?
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Most people don't have an outlet to air their comments as wide reaching as a public news station though. Well the internet, but almost everybody has that. Insulting somebody over the internet means jack shit unless you are already important.

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[up][up]The big deal is that it's kind of unprofessional to comment on that sort of thing whilst broadcasting on national television.
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And on a side note, it's still demonstrating several sexist views the public shares. Note that it means men are only as good as their size is (and women, by extension, can be judged by similar means, namely breast size). Also that women can insult men without men taking offense, meaning that men can be beaten about by women and that women shouldn't be taken seriously since their insults are inherently worthless.
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He said something along the lines of how he didn't understand how something so small could be so impressive. She replied that he'd know about that.

The implication I get from that statement would be that he had sex with her, and preformed "impressively" despite small size.

It's still horrendously sophomoric, unprofessional, and crude, but then again this is the same country that came up with Skins and made it a hit, so what do you expect?

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