Lame powers that end up being useful on the long run.:

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I'd like to work on the usefulness of apparently dumb powers

Let's take The Kid For example if he was in a super hero setting. He'd have the ability to explode into a a million pieces whenever he is hurt by anything. BUT, he'd revive somewhere else unharmed, and keep doing it over and over out of sheer force of will. So technically he is virtualy indestructible , but not in the traditional sense, he will keep coming back from the dead unless he gives up or loses hope, that of course at the price of fragility beyond belief.

Or how about this guy from this show /comic I can't remember who talked to germs, sounds incredibly stupid but what if you could tell a lethal bacteria "Dont hurt me or my friends, go kill the bad guy instead". Then, it suddenly becomes useful.

Tell me some other of your conclusions on dumb powers that are actually useful when analyzed. Come up with some woo, it will be fun.

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One guy gets his memories five seconds in advance, based on the most likely timeline. Because it's just five seconds, he can't predict stocks or anything. For the most part, he just knows what people are going to say, making conversations with him a bit more interesting.

This leads to a point where he has a sword fight while blindfolded and wins, because he knows how he's going to get hurt five seconds before he does, and in a fight like that, five seconds is a long time. He can also take advantage of breaks in gunfire, and it's hard to assassinate him.
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Hold up. If he can get memories five seconds in advance, but they are memories of a non-immutable future, that would be somewhat useless. If the future he 'remembers' can be changed by his choices, presumably it can be changed by other people's choices as well. (The alternative is saying that the guy is the only person in the entire universe with free will, which is even more disturbing) So basically what he 'remembers' is always changing depending on what other people do. He couldn't win a sword fight blindfolded like that. He'd know that he'd get hurt if he just stands there, so he moves, but the other dude has a freakin' sword. He can move too. The only way to actually win is just to basically guess how to move until you don't remember getting hurt. And doing this every five seconds.

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Here's one for you.

A girl who sees people's faces as blank white masks. If she wants, she can take those masks off, and see who you really are underneath.

Good for inducing Heel–Face Turn's.
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Man, I was going to mention being able to see a few seconds into the future. Totally an awesome power for those with fast reaction times.

Anyway... I'd say being literally really, really dense and not suffering any of the typical negative consequences from the fact would be pretty awesome. It allows for bigger guns, more ramming speed, and hitting much hard.
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A bunch of my characters have the power of silently asking an Armor-Piercing Question when they make eye contact with a new person. The question varies for each one, for example 'Who are you?' 'What do you really want?' 'Who do you truly care about?' etc. Mostly it's sucky because people tend to freak out upon meeting them, but one character puts it to good use by becoming a psychiatrist.
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Fruit of the Loon the character can reach into his pocket and magically always pull out a banana (or other fundamentally funny fruit). Kinda a lame ability. Often makes him look nuts but can be useful. Starving in a survival situation: banana. Need something to wedge in a door: banana. Need to trip the bad guy: banana.
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[up] [lol] That could be a great character in a comedy work.
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