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I thought some of you might be interested in this tool. It just came up in a class today, and while I personally have no interest in creating visual novels as such (at least, not now), I seem to remember others on these forums saying they were.

So, here you go. This is a Python package that lets you create your own visual novels, and it appears very well designed and fully-featured. The tutorial documentation is even presented in the form of a visual novel.

Take a look at if you're interested. Hope it's useful!
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A friend and I are planning to make a VN based on our highschool - he's gonna program using this.

Nii-nii no baka... .__.
I use Ren'Py as well, though the Kiri Kiri engine (used in Fate/Stay Night and a bunch of others) is being translated here and has a full translation (without GUI) here.
Isn't Kiri-Kiri Windows only, though? One of the major advantages of Python is that it's cross-platform.
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
I am using Ren'Py to make my own version of Deluge!

Anyone wants to help?

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That sounds pretty interesting, though I've never read it. The trope page is pretty neat. I've been wanting to get involved in making a VN of my own and I want to gain some experience in the "field." So, what kind of help do you need?
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Just finished my very first little three minute test kinetic novel. Here's the downloads if you want to check it out for a quick laugh.
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Should keep this in mind. I have this idea for a VN set in elementary school that needs expression one of these days.

Now if only I could draw for the V parttongue.
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Could be fun. :) Unfortunately I'm more of the "N" kind of person. [lol]
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A common problem amongst wannabes: lot's of dreams and ideas* , and no actual skills to pull it off.

I should get to bed, I'm starting to get cynical and assholish.
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Something I remember the man who made the Fall from Heaven Civ mod saying is that the best way to get the help with specialized skills you need for a collaborative amateur project is, paradoxically, by being willing to do everything yourself. Even if you blatantly can't do things you want to do to the required standard, the willingness to try, and the fact they're adding to something in a decent state of completion, assures people with specialist skills that their efforts aren't going to be wasted when everyone loses interest. Asking for an artist with a drafted or completed script in hand is more likely to get a response than saying "guys, I has a cool idea". Learning to draw manga-style characters, even to a shitty standard, and making the damn thing gives you a decent chance, or perhaps, or attracting someone with actual talent who likes the project to improve that aspect.

Besides which, if you seriously think decent art is necessary for a workable VN, 07th Expansion's sales numbers say you are somewhat wrong.
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Ooh, I was looking for one of these. Visual Novel of The Cries Of Haruhi Suzumiya, here I come...
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This is going to be FUCKING. EPIC.
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Celso Riva from Winter Wolves has created a number of indie games for computers. He's written an article about creating (as well as selling) visual novels and relationship games in English. Here's the link:
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