Is rape about power, or about lust?:

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I won't kill you.
If both participants are equal in strength... when can you be sure a Destructio Nookie isn't rape?

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I suspect that it depends on the rape.
28 Shrimpus25th Feb 2011 05:34:01 PM from Brooklyn, NY, US
Do they light a cigarette afterwards?
Then in that case, rapists should, on average, be more unattractive than other men, right? Not true: there is no correlation between attractiveness and... well, "rapistness, " I suppose.
You sure about that one?
…Yeah. And I didn’t even claim it.

How one looks is irrelevant in determining qualities tied to rapists. If you’re going to go that way, it’s a self-esteem issue more than anything, and even those that we’d call “Gods amongst men/women” who are really attractive people may still have self-esteem issues about themselves, wherein if they decide to rape someone, it’s implied more heavily that it was for power instead of lust (though I’m in agreement with the majority here; it seems that it’s primarily both in every case).

Self-esteem issues are usually the core issue that guides someone to rape for power, whereas either lack of sexual activity or intense desire for sexual activity is usually the core issue that guides someone to rape for lust; again, both issues seem to be at large in nearly every rapist’s profile.

And of course, each case is individual and these are just broad generalizations, but it still stands that there may be some core issue a rapist has with themselves when they decide to take it out on someone else and make them a victim.
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Total posts: 29
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