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26 JHM13th Mar 2011 07:04:26 AM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Wait until I get tired to the point just before I begin to become genuinely impaired as I currently am (see the rambling!) and type or write like I mean it until I'm either satisfied or stop being able to make complete sense. Eventually, I edit.
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My writing style is apparently post-college level. I vary my vocabulary based on whose third-person-limited viewpoint I'm writing from. I do my best to keep my grammar, punctuation, and spelling correct. I try to avoid using a foreign language unless I know the language well - and even then, I use it only if the setting is appropriate.

I tend to not write too much dialogue, unless the characters are discussing something. I know this qualifies as Telling, and not Showing. I like writing narrative, as well. I'm trying to work on my {{Show Don't Tell}} - I'm getting better. I like being precise with diction, and find figuring out/ varying my syntax to be fun. I enjoy writing both setting and characters a great deal.
29 SimilarToAG615th Mar 2011 09:08:13 PM from i'm in ____, trick.
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Nearly everyone says I write like Haruki Murakami though I can't see it :c. I decided to test it by printing out his short story The 100% Perfect Girl (the actual title is really long and I can't remember it) if people (people that know my writing style) believed it was me who wrote it. They did. So just imagine Haruki Murakami's style, I guess, and you have a reasonable approximation of mine?

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I've been told (okay, I was told this about two years ago) that my writing style is/was similar to J. D. Salinger. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

It's kind of eerie, since he died very close to the same time I was told that...

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31 nrjxll15th Mar 2011 11:45:14 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
There are a lot of things I could say about my writing style, so I'll try to keep this short. Beware: Wall of Text.

Firstly, I treat what I'm writing as if it's actually happening or more often, will happen. Basically, Reality Ensues all the time, because I will never cause anything to happen just for the sake of the story or because of any of the Rule of Index tropes. I'm not at all afraid of breaking with reality in terms of of the setting and details, but I always try to make the characters and events fit closely to the nature of real life. As a result, things tend to come across as fairly deconstructive, though I don't actually care for deconstruction in of itself. Anyone can usually die, no matter their importance. This tends to make my stories seem on the cynical end of things, but as I said, I try to adhere closely to reality, and I'm ultimately an optimist about real life, so Earn Your Happy Ending is frequent. I'm also big on Narrative Filigree, again to create that feeling of reality.

As far as the nature of my works go, there is often a fair amount of non-sexual Author Appeal involved. Some of the things falling under this include the setting being a World of Snark, as hard science as possible, and a fair amount of Xenofiction when applicable, as getting into alien mindsets is a very interesting challenge. Sexual Author Appeal, however, is very disturbing to encounter in others' works, so I try not to go there. I also tend to assume Viewers Are Geniuses and almost always come down on the Enlightenment side of Romanticism Versus Enlightenment. My usual world-building process is setting, then characters, then plot.

Concerning my writing style itself, though, I'm usually less then satisfied. I often have difficulty balancing between "too much" and "too little" description. There's often a connection between the level of detail and how much I enjoy writing a scene - action scenes are usually pretty detailed, romance scenes decidedly not. Dialogue is probably my biggest strength, as I enjoy character interaction, but runs the risk of the Featureless Plane of Disembodied Dialogue.

I like to have an ensemble cast, so I prefer third-person limited POV. I also like to give characters a distinctive voice, and I've historically been able to spot accidental Author Avatars  * by how closely they resemble my own personal "voice" (which this post is written in). In general, though, if my writings come across as resembling those of a real world author, it would tend more towards various popular historians rather than any fiction writers.

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I have a style that is really similar to those people who wrote up the unit descriptions for Rome Total War and Europa Barbarorum: Six parts historical accuracy, three parts lengthy description, and one part Deadpan Snarker.
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33 Anthony_H16th Mar 2011 11:02:33 AM from monterrey, mex
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Write the kind of stories I would like to see...of course, with the HUGE disvantage that I end up being the only one who actually reads them tongue

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