Blizzard's Next MMO:

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So what the heck do you think this "project Titan" thing is gonna be? There were rumors that it was going to be an MMOFPS, but now it seems possible that those rumors may have originated from Bungie's project Destiny that is also being published by Activision Blizzard. Or not? It's seems odd that Blizzard would produce 2 MMOFPS's at any rate.

Jonah Falcon
It's going to be an action MMO that's free-to-play.
Jonah Falcon
^F 2 P? I am surprised. source?
4 Pykrete19th Feb 2011 06:41:33 PM from Viridian Forest
F 2 P wouldn't surprise me at least. They'd want to milk as much as they could out of WOW before they bothered making another subscription MMO to compete with their own stuff.

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Jonah Falcon
Keep in mind that isn't fact - it's an educated guess.
Jonah Falcon
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