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1 RalphCrown17th Feb 2011 02:42:49 PM from Next Door to Nowhere
Short Hair
The local minority station ran Air America until it croaked, then they starting running anything they could find. Where they had Thom Hartmann, now they have Jim Sumpter. He comes close to getting it, unlike the other hate radio people, but then it's like he snaps back into the conservative mindset at the last minute. He'll be talking about the debt ceiling, and how all the politicians are crooks, and maybe we do need more regulation of Wall Street, but suddenly he remembers the talking point: "and that's why we have to kill all the Muslims!" Has anyone else heard this guy?
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2 merton17th Feb 2011 02:55:54 PM from my heart to yours.
Never heard of him. But let's pour one out for Air America, the only people who ever thought it was even remotely a good idea to give Janeane Garofalo a radio show.
This guy is a major league asshole. His juvenile rants against all politicians, our president and other talk show hosts is insufferable. He begs for donations to keep his lame show on the air. His "hate speech" borders on insanity.
4 RalphCrown7th Jul 2011 09:00:32 AM from Next Door to Nowhere
Short Hair
If you miss Thom Hartmann, he has a show on Russian Television called "The Big Picture" (weeknights at 9PM EST). And you thought they called him a commie before.
Under World. It rocks!
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