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OMG its Bonnie Gruesen
A little back story, I recently returned to Fan Fiction writing. Fan is bigger than ever now and it seems like it would be harder and harder to actually gain some readers for it. So what does one do. Its a Harry Potter fic (well there are several - Harry Potter ones, and a Doctor Who crossover) I've been told they're good, though good on is hard to judge really.

Are there other newer sites to post on that have a user base but aren't as congested?
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Maid of Win's size means it's the place you're likely to net the largest number of readers, so if it's views you want I suggest you keep posting there. Even though there's lots of competition, if you keep updating, you'll get noticed. If you want to snag readers on other sites, you can post to subject-specific sites and Livejournal communities. There are some dedicated Harry Potter fanfic sites, like Fiction Alley and Mugglenet, among hundreds of others— the only problem there is remembering to update them all. Being an old HP-fic devourer, I'll tell you the community is not as strong as it was when the books first came out, so posting on dedicated sites might not get you the numbers you'd expect.

Other than that, general common-sense stuff, like make sure your title and summary grab the reader's interest. Also, pimping in pimp-friendly areas (like your sig).
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I can't speak for since I'm not a user, but usually a good way to get noticed is to leave lots of comments on other people's work.
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[up] I agree. Get involved in the community you post in, FF-net or otherwise. In my experience, the more you read and give helpful polite comments/reviews, the more likely people are to remember your name and check out what you have.

Shameless plugs in your signature on a website might help as well.

Though my livejournal experience is limited in the way of the 'journaling' aspect, there are a bunch of communities on there dedicated to different fandoms and people are generally very friendly. You could join one of those and post there.
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I've never really delved into the Harry Potter side of, but generally speaking I haven't heard of a better way to promote a fanfic other that posting it in the right place, using the right tags, making your summary interesting, updating regularly, and reviewing other people's work. Sure, there are other things you can do and other places you can post things, but they seem to get a much lower response than doing those five things on

Also, people on can fav you, recommend your stories, and add your work to a C2 archive, all of which people will check up on for new reads. I've still got one story that gets sporadic responses because this, despite not updating in three years and the story only having three chapters. Those aren't things you have any control over though, and isn't something you can explicitly count on.
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