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So who else is a Brandon Sanderson fanboy?

I read his Mistborn trilogy first, then went back and read Elantris and later Warbreaker. I just read The Way of Kings. All of them are excellent, though Elantris is a bit unpolished (which is certainly forgivable for a first novel) and Warbreaker has a very similar plot structure that basically improves on it in every way. Mistborn is my favorite work of his so far, though The Stormlight Archive will eclipse it if he manages to keep the quality high through the entire series (which I have doubts about, seeing as basically every major fantasy series seems to go to crap sooner or later, but I'm cautiously optimistic about Sanderson's chances).
Just finished reading the first Mistborn book myself. It was a great read. I really like the system's he's set up with Allomancy and Feruchemy. Reading Well of Ascension at the moment.

Man I still can't get it out of my head how similar Vin vs. the Lord Ruler and Simon vs. Lord Genome's fights were. More in terms of what was going on on a plot level, then what the characters themselves did.
Put me down as a fan. I though Elantris was rough, but had some very interesting ideas, but I loved all three Mistborn books, enjoyed Warbreaker (which he's said on his website was written as a kind of thematic counterpoint to Elantris, hence the similarities), and think that The Stormlight Arcive looks very promising based on The Way of Kings. I'd also argue he was the best thing to happen to The Wheel of Time in a while.
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[up][up] In general, the Mistborn trilogy is eerily similar in plot structure to Gurren Lagann.
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5 LizardBite15th Feb 2011 06:16:31 PM from Two Galaxies Over
...Oh my God. They do have similar plot structures. How the hell did I not notice this before?
6 Yuanchosaan16th Feb 2011 12:21:36 AM from Australia , Relationship Status:
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I've only read the Mistborn trilogy and his work on A Memory of Light, but I've enjoyed both immensely. I'm looking forward to the novel-in-progress set in a future Mistborn world.
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I've read his work on the Wheel of Time Series, and his first book in the Stormlight Archives. Thoroughly enjoyed both.
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I first heard of Brandon Sanderson when they announced that he was going to finish Wheel of Time. Naturally, being the big Wo T fan that I am, I went out to read his books to see what kind of author he was.

I started with Mistborn, then went on to Elantris and Warbreaker. I think he's doing an amazing job on A Memory Of Light, and from what I've read so far of The Way of Kings, The Stormlight Archive looks like it'll be great too.

All in all, he's probably one of my favorite authors.

Man I still can't get it out of my head how similar Vin vs. the Lord Ruler and Simon vs. Lord Genome's fights were.

Holy crap, me too. I just reread the series after having seen Gurren Lagann, and I kept thinking that.
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Does that make Marsh the Anti-Spiral? And Ruin the Spiral Nemesis?
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No, Marsh would be Nia: The heroic character with a connection to the Fake Boss Evil Overlord who undergoes an unwilling Face–Heel Turn and serves the new Big Bad. For the similar reasons, Ruin would actually be the Anti-Spiral. Preservation is the "Spiral Nemesis".
13 Andygal1st May 2011 09:48:34 AM , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
I've read almost all his work (except the last two Alcatraz books).

Brandon Sanderson is awesome, The Way of Kings is amazing!
14 ZaklogtheGreat1st May 2011 01:06:57 PM from Lake Charles, LA
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Yes, I started reading Mistborn because of the enthusiastic review by Orson Scott Card. I think it's an amazingly original work with the overall plot crafted with fantastic precision (Alkthash, you have no idea how good these books are yet.) I read The Way of Kings also, and was horrified a few chapters in to realize I had gotten myself into a ten (huge) book series when only the first had been published. Regardless, that's an excellent book, too.

I just started another discussion on how you would cast the Mistborn movie if you could, by the way, so any Sanderson fans are welcome to jump in on that.
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I've read Elantris and The Way of Kings so far, and, while I really loved both, it seems like Sanderson is repeating a lot of stuff from one book to the other.

Guy cast into seemingly hopeless situation rallies other hopeless outcasts into improving their lot in life? Check.

Smart and smart-alecky princess in a foreign land is involved in a plot of intrigue? Check.

Tiny, floating magical sidekick who follows the hero around? Check.

Abuse of the peasant class by the aristocracy serves as a prominent theme? Check.

Person gains new followers to their cause by surviving a supposedly unsurvivable event? Check.

Setting is a kingdom during the early, unstable years of a new dynasty? Check.

Incompetent, paranoid king constantly has aristocrats scheming against him and each other behind his back? Check.

History of the world features extremely powerful beings who were once worshipped as gods but are now viewed with disdain/disgust/fear? Check.
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I like him,but his plot has formulaic tendencies and I belive Sanderson cant write good ending
17 feotakahari1st May 2011 11:51:35 PM from Looking out at the city
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Kinda liked Elantris. Gave up on Mistborn pretty quickly, but have considered giving it another try. Didn't much like Warbreaker (the stuff about mercs particularly irritated me, for reasons best explained by this.) Not risking The Way of Kings until it's actually finished. Seriously considering the Alcatraz Series, though.

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18 LizardBite2nd May 2011 03:28:26 AM from Two Galaxies Over
I'm just waiting for Alloy of Law to come out this Fall. cool
19 Andygal3rd May 2011 06:57:59 PM , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Sanderson does tend to have reoccurring themes in his books, but then, I think most authors have reoccurring themes in their books, it's human nature to focus on things that interest us. I think Sanderson does a good job of exploring his themes in different ways in each of his books.

And he does tend to stack his endings quite a bit, his writing group calls it the Brandon Avalanche, he's getting a little better about it though.

Am also majorally looking forward to Alloy of Law, Gun battles with allomancy = yes please.
Alloy of Law's prologue and first two chapters are up on Tor's website.

Gunplay w/allomancy is cool enough, but... Waxillium? Really? :|
21 Andygal29th Jun 2011 08:26:28 PM , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
I happen to believe it's a cool name, but your mileage obviously may vary.
I'm just about done with the first Mistborn trilogy, which are the first Brandon Sanderson books I've read. The first book was completely awesome, but the second was underwhelming. I've really only just started Hero of Ages so I've not got much to say on it, yet.

I also just found out about Alloy of Law which sounds pretty incredible. Western plus Fantasy? gimme gimme

I'm probably going to take a short Jim Butcher break after I finish this book, and then I'll start The Way of Kings, and I'll post my thoughts on it when that time comes.

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23 Andygal30th Jun 2011 06:35:10 PM , Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Wo K is my favourite of his books. You should also read Warbreaker(it's on his website for free even) and Elantris too.

Don read the Ao L sample chapters til you've done Ho A, they may be a bit spoilery.
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25 Firebert30th Jun 2011 08:42:44 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
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I loved Warbreaker, first Mistborn book, and Elantris. Can't wait to start Way of Kings after I finish Summer Knight.

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