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A cause of war
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A cause of war:

 1 Monkeyfightclub, Mon, 14th Feb '11 6:15:39 AM from Alcatraz funhouse, Ohayo
The handy dandy man
I'm thinking of a civil war that involves weaponized cars. To justify that, international air travel has been banned. That's only the surface though. How could a war erupt?
Something fuel-based, maybe? Pretty cliche, but makes sense with banning air travel. Those beasts use a LOT of fuel for every trip.

Or if you're not worried about possibly offending some folks, maybe a massive rise in use of planes for terrorist attacks forces all flights to be grounded?

 3 Monkeyfightclub, Mon, 14th Feb '11 8:17:49 AM from Alcatraz funhouse, Ohayo
The handy dandy man
[up] I try to avoid fuel, though it could be a factor. And terrorists flights are the reason why airplane travel has been banned, due to paranoia. Maybe industries are competing for power, since exports would be low. And industries within states are competing against each other. Is it done?

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 4 animemetalhead, Mon, 14th Feb '11 9:12:43 AM from Ashwood Landing, ME
Runs on Awesomeness
Careful with that justification. Most large-scale movements of goods are still done with ships (Nothing beats them in terms of cargo moved per dollar). Lack of air travel puts a damper on tourism (a multi-billion dollar industry), so that could be a stress factor for nations that rely on that.
No one believes me when I say angels can turn their panties into guns.
Generally, wars are started and continued by a handful or even just one selfish, sadisic sociopath who stands to gain something (probably riches) and doesn't give a crap who or how many innocent lives will be taken in the process.
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