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To write a Fantastic-Voyage :

 1 sabrina diamond, Mon, 14th Feb '11 3:14:42 AM from in my belly... Relationship Status:
Sorry to post again, but I was really stuck with this concept for a great idea just now, I've seen the old movie Fantastic Voyage and I liked the plot, but I wanted to use it for an Alien character with Bizarre Alien Biology... any suggestions on how I can improve the alien biology and premise slightly?

PS: If I'm not allowed to post in the same forum twice, please let me know by PM.

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Nah. You're allowed to make as any legitimate threads as you want, although more than say, one a day, or three or four a week, does get annoying.
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The alien's beneficial internal bacteria look like bikini babes.
This probably occurred to everyone instantly, but suppose the alien has a nanotech-assisted immune system. The "voyagers" in their submarine gradually realize they're facing a fleet of defenders with almost inexhaustible resources. They will need to communicate with the outside world for help.

Another idea is that the alien has multiple pockets of brain tissue. They know there's a neurological problem, but they don't know which pocket contains the tumor (or whatever). The problem may be a nanotech invasion by a hostile agency.

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 5 sabrina diamond, Mon, 14th Feb '11 9:55:25 PM from in my belly... Relationship Status:
That scenario could be convincing, but I guess I need some possible alien biology that humans don't have for my story. :3 Should I look at animal biology?

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 6 doorhandle, Mon, 14th Feb '11 10:26:01 PM from Space Australia!
Hmm, let's see, where to begin?

Perhaps the lifefrom is arsenic based, or silicon based?

Perhaps it doesn’t have an internal skeleton? Maybe an external one or a skeleton-like organ system.

Differing method of nerve usage perhaps? Having the nerves being made of steel wire rather than neurons seems like a cool idea.

Maybe it's a anaerobic life form and doesn't need to breathe?

Perhaps it has several organs that we humans do not need? maybe it doesn’t have a single heart, or it has no heart at all and the blood pushes itself along?

All good ideas, although with various degrees of plausibility. The best idea would be to consider the alien and how it would need to have adapted in order to survive on it's homeworld.

edit: Animal biology sounds like a fine idea. There is some werid shit out there in the animal kingdom.

...just don't look in the real life section of exotic alien equipment, okay?

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 7 sabrina diamond, Tue, 15th Feb '11 2:16:27 PM from in my belly... Relationship Status:
Okay, I'll try animal biology, any more suggestions from you tropers about the premise of the body?
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 8 doorhandle, Tue, 15th Feb '11 10:25:28 PM from Space Australia!
On the (relativly) normal body parts, use an anotomical refernce so it acutally looks like the inside of a stomach.

 9 sabrina diamond, Wed, 16th Feb '11 4:07:08 AM from in my belly... Relationship Status:
Okay, but I might have to resort to looking up biology books :D
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