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It's a thing. It exists.

I discovered it today. I am binging currently. It is quite awesome.

Holy shit! Is that Wil Wheaton?

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Who was that women vork saw at the end? I can't quite make out what he says.
You complete me.
Holy hell they got Stan Lee!!!!!
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^ They also have Neil Gaiman, Bret Spinner and a bunch of other people.
You complete me.
Jeez! How much pull does Ms. Day have?
new season coming and a bunch of other shows here. If the other shows take off I'll make a thread for geek and sundry itself.

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Bumping this thread since Season six is coming out soon. Predictions?
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Bumping this thread now that we're two episodes in.

Seems like a lot of set-up so far, with no really funny bits. Hopefully that'll improve over time.
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