HBGary Hired to Take Down Anonymous, Anonymous Takes Down HBGary:

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101 TuefelHundenIV27th Feb 2011 09:29:06 PM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Tze Tze Your link is indeed very interesting.

I think you guys are giving anon. too much cred. They are like any insurgency there are lots of folks who come and go but there are traceable elements who are veteran participants. The vets not the numbers is what makes them the most effective. The folks with the skills and experience are what counts. They are also the hardest to target. Anon would be just as effective without the mob that cushions the veterans as they would with it.

There may be some actual structure present just not in the way folks think of structure.

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102 MadassAlex28th Feb 2011 06:01:22 AM from the Middle Ages.
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All of Anon is relevant. You have to remember that their external attacks are rare; most of Anon's activity is internal trolling, like a social meatgrinder that spews forth the culture of the Internet. Take away all the non-vets and you've got a handful of highly-skilled, but socially irrelevant people.

And if Anon was socially irrelevant, they wouldn't be Anon anymore.
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