HBGary Hired to Take Down Anonymous, Anonymous Takes Down HBGary:

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1 darksidevoid13th Feb 2011 10:01:10 PM from Collective Unconscious , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
2 deathjavu13th Feb 2011 10:06:38 PM from The internet, obviously
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Hah, I read about that a few days ago on the Escapist and laughed out loud. Now if anyone asks what anonymous is good for, you could at least point at this.

Also, from another thread around here somewhere, HB Gary was involved in essentially blackmailing some left wing political activists. So fuck those guys.
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3 SandJosieph13th Feb 2011 10:06:40 PM from Grand Galloping Galaday , Relationship Status: Brony
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Clearly, his strategy was flawed.
4 Tzetze13th Feb 2011 10:07:12 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Okay, the weird chatspeak was silly, but

Who Needs NSA when we have Social Media?

is way better at getting across how dumb this guy is.

...why does he write like a thirteen-year-old? Made me cringe quite a bit...

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Truly, this is a tragic tale of hubris [lol]
6 Tzetze13th Feb 2011 10:33:34 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
What an idiot.

Though, the company's not so hot either if all it took to get defaced was SQL injection.
Though, the company's not so hot either if all it took to get defaced was SQL injection.

This. Oh lord, this.

I giggled like a schoolgirl while reading that. Anonymous? Leaders? What?

Also, if he had gotten any IRL links to Anonymous participants, it was the morons that don't know how to cover their tracks while going on raids, not the people that are actually scary. Jesus christ, what an idiot.
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8 lee4hmz13th Feb 2011 10:41:12 PM from A shipwreck in the tidal Potomac , Relationship Status: Chocolate!
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Yeah, what Tze said. Anyone who types like a middle-school girl on an SMS client probably shouldn't be trying to go up against Anonymous unilaterally...
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Older people who try to chatspeak sound pathetically moronic.

In anycase, Anon ftw. Seriously, corporations hold to much power. I'd love it if Anon and Assange just brought the corrupt roof down on their heads.

I can't wait to hear about what's in that encrypted file on Bank of America.
10 Pykrete13th Feb 2011 10:48:58 PM from Viridian Forest
pffffwhat [lol]
12 Pykrete13th Feb 2011 10:54:46 PM from Viridian Forest
You should probably go ahead and sell any stock you have in them at the very least.

Oh wow.
13 Tzetze13th Feb 2011 10:57:58 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
I am impressed that a bunch of underage hackers might cause the bankruptcy of a big, if stupid, corporation.
14 darksidevoid13th Feb 2011 10:59:52 PM from Collective Unconscious , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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[up][up][up]Anything you have in a deposit account up to $250,000 is backed by the government, so unless you've got more than that in one particular account, I'd say no. I'm not sure with regards to things like stocks, though. IIRC BOA stocks already took a hit when the forthcoming release was announced, but as far as I can tell, it remains to be seen what the implications of the leaked info are actually going to be...

Erm, not that this is strictly on-topic.

More on topic: I found myself indirectly learning a lot more about Anon from that than I already knew. How educational. Of course, all of this would probably be common knowledge to me if I actually had the courage to venture into one of the Chans.

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Oh, Anons, you can be so crazy awesome sometimes... Also: just raids in the US and the UK? I'm pretty sure these aren't the only two countries with internet access. And learn to spell, Barr.
16 TuefelHundenIV14th Feb 2011 04:43:37 AM from Wandering , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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"Now if anyone asks what anonymous is good for, you could at least point at this." - deathjavu

Look, I don't think people are necessarily doubting that anonymous does some good, but the issue is it also does evil, that's kind of the problem. I hate the asinine selective reasoning used in favour of anonmyous. If you point out their role in trolling (including some rather serious trolling, like that against the family of Mitchell Henderson) they'll say you can't blame anon for that, but they can point out their role in things like scientology protests and say you can CREDIT anon for that. What's with that?
19 Kayeka14th Feb 2011 05:53:45 AM from Amsterdam , Relationship Status: Brony
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I'd like to point out that Anonymous is trying to get one person fired, and caused millions of damage to a rather large company where a whole lot of innocent people also work. Sure, Burr is a stupid piece of shit, but isn't losing your job, and endangering the jobs of people who just happened to be nearby, a bit too much of a punishment?

Anonymous is scary. Not in the 'masked vigilante who stands up for justice' way, but in the '13-year old with a shotgun' way.
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That's REALLY embarassing for a security company to be vulnerable to a simple SQL injection.

I don't see anonymous as being that intimidating. HBGary was just downright incompetent in protecting themselves.

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21 darksidevoid14th Feb 2011 08:05:19 AM from Collective Unconscious , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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[up][up][up]I don't think I've ever seen anyone seriously defend what Anon did in the more detestable cases. As You Know, Anon is neither omnibenevolent nor omnimalevolent, much like humanity as a whole. It just is. And while there's not exactly much you can do to influence the behavior of an amorphous superconsciousness, positive reinforcement for the good things it does do seems like a worthwhile effort.

[up][up]You make a good point, but at the same time, HBGary was, to an extent, defrauding the US government. I have no sympathy for them. The workers, yes. If they're fired, they'll have been caught up in unfortunate events beyond their control. However, just as an example of something similar, take the Enron scandal. They collapsed due to corruption, and their workers were out of a job. Job loss is an inevitable consequence. As to whether the innocent workers ought to be compensated for their losses if they are indeed laid off because of this, however, I'm ambivalent.
22 rmctagg0914th Feb 2011 08:23:56 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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What an idiot. He seriously underestimed the power of Anonymous.
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It doesn't seem particularly useful to attack anonymous in that manner if you wanted to take them down anyway. Why hire such a loud and obnoxious company? If the government really wanted to take you down, they'd track you at the ISP level with tapping hardware that is already in place and use NSA, FBI or CIA agents, depending on jurisdiction. It's just not worth the money to attack a bunch of teenage kids whose agenda amounts to "whatever the hell i feel like today" and the group isn't even solid. The people who do the trolling are not likely to be the same people doing the political activism.

However, if anon gets taken down, that's a pretty good litmus test for when we enter into a police state because it would take no less to take them down.
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Im not sure what group I despise more, the various corrupt business groups they target, or the amorphous collection of sociopathic shutins who make up Anonymous.
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25 Barkey14th Feb 2011 09:47:17 AM from Bunker 051 , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Haha.. Funny...

I don't support everything Anon does, but sometimes I jump into that crowd when it's a cause I support.

It's just so hilarious that Barr can't get the point, anon doesn't have leaders. It's just a strange morphing mass of nerds and geeks, from the lowest social retard, to some successful individuals and people with families.

But there's no leader, it's a big group of people shitposting their way to glory until somebody pisses them off enough for the entire directed mass of shit to come their way.
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