Top 10 Creepiest Creepypastas?:

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1 cutewithoutthe12th Feb 2011 08:01:09 AM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Just curious on your opinions.....
Harkinian & The Bois
I'm not feeling like making a list now, but I think Dead Bart is pretty creepy.
3 Apocali12th Feb 2011 08:25:36 AM from The End of Time
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Slenderman and Candle Cove are like the only few I find that aren't trying too hard.
4 Fusionman12th Feb 2011 01:52:32 PM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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5 RobbieRotten12th Feb 2011 02:07:53 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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Squidward's Suicide
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6 PippingFool12th Feb 2011 03:10:30 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Ben Drowned, Pokemon Creepy Black and Pokemon Lost Silver.

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Candle Cove, The Rake, Slender Man... I'm not a huge Creepypasta fan so I've only read a handful of the more popular ones.

I hadn't read Ben Drowned until just now, and oh dear God. I'm never going to get to sleep now. sad
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I think there is one called "God's mouth" that freaked me out.
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"The Cabin" and "Bad Dream" were very creepy, as was one creepypasta about a hotel and someone looking in through the keyhole of a locked room.
Bad Dream is one of those "OH SHI-" stories.
Revy Gonna Give It To Ya
I think Marble Hornets / Every Man HYBRID is still my favorite, sorry if that doesn't really count as a creepypasta. Ben Drowned was interesting but it didn't make afraid. All the Slendy stuff has planted a seed in my mind that there really could be an 8-foot tall Humanoid Abomination standing right ne

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12 Apocali13th Feb 2011 07:21:54 PM from The End of Time
Yep, My Brain Stopped
Oh yeah, forgot about "Bad Dream", that one was simple and effective.
Harkinian & The Bois
Is that the PLEASE WAKE UP one?
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Nope. It's this one.
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White Hindu
Number one would definitely be "Ben Drowned". The other nine are also "Ben Drowned". Most creepypastas aren't creepy at all.
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The Ant King
Ben Drowned is OVERRATED
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Ben Drowned is scary?


The scariest part of the Creepypasta are the videos. The actual writing is way too descriptive.
18 RLabs14th Feb 2011 07:12:43 PM from cat planet!
^^I was going to agree, but it occurred to me that I hadn't really seen much of anything better, besides the Slender Man mythos stuff of course. I looked at the creepypasta wiki for a while and most of it was kinda meh (besides the pictures, which were way creepier than the actual articles); most of the SCP articles rated above +20 or so were scarier.

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SCP foundation has some nicely creepy articles.

I personally like the Red Sea Object, the Stairwell, and the Cowbell. (Note: Make sure to read the journal entries)

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20 Seamus14th Feb 2011 10:02:25 PM from the Quantum Savanna
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Candle Cove is the only one I've seen that got me.

SCP Foundation...I dunno, but that just doesn't do it. Maybe it's because there isn't much of a perceived threat from the objects themselves; they're all locked up. Same reason The Joker doesn't scare me: I don't live in Gotham.
Revy Gonna Give It To Ya
[up][up]SCP-093 is awesome, I was really tense reading that one. Has a great, slow build to it instead of spilling everything at once.

And yeah, Ben Drowned is interesting, but it isn't scary. The haunted pokemon games even less so. Its... kinda hard to be afraid of a glitched up game. The Slenderman, specifically Marble Hornets and Everyman HYBRID,is a lot more effective and makes you wonder if he's near.
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White Hindu
To tell you the truth, I don't find Slender Man to be particularly scary. Neither is Marble Hornets. But Ben Drowned was one of the scariest things I ever read in my life. I was even terrified of it when I first read it, several days before watching the videos. The weirdest thing is that I have no idea why I was scared. But let me tell you, a few days after reading that, I would freak out every time my games would show signs of glitching.
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23 frog75315th Feb 2011 03:11:01 PM from CT and/or MA
[up][up][up][up]Everything having to do with the Red Sea Object was, while creepy, very cool and very well thought out...the other two were even creepier to me.

Ben Drowned I haven't gone though in its entirety, but from the periphery I'd say it means little to me since I'm not much of a gamer. Same idea with Candle Cove: very creepy, as is the whole deal with people uploading "episodes" to Youtube and upholding the mythology through the comments, but I never watched TV as a kid so I think it loses some impact as a result.

Slender Man really consistently creeps me out, which is why I avoided much of Marble Hornets and really every other blog or series and created my own take on the concept (inspired mostly by Marble Hornets) featuring a group that fights, with a fair amount of effectiveness, against Slendy and his masked human minions. It takes some of the terror out of the whole thing, but that's the way I prefer it.

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25 frog75316th Feb 2011 06:03:38 PM from CT and/or MA
When I say "created", I mean it's entirely in my head. I could write down some basic information once less busy and send it to you, but right now I've got nothing to show for it.

Also, as creepypasta goes, the original thing from The Holders Series (and really the whole series, kind of) is pretty damn creepy. I actually discovered that before the SCP Foundation, though I enjoy SCP Foundation way more, it's not as persistently dark and creepy.
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