I'm giving up writing:

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26 Madrugada11th Feb 2011 07:13:12 PM , Relationship Status: In season
I don't think he has posted any of his writing here. Just notes and outline-type things.

Actually, Madrugada, I HAVE written a few things. I've just never really felt the need to post them online.

Which is exactly what I said — you haven't posted anything here for people to read. So you're announcing that you're going to give up writing because you never got any decent criticism on a forum that has an entire section devoted to critique, comments and questions about writing, but you never took advantage of it. What do you want us to do? Why do you expect us to care?
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27 LoniJay11th Feb 2011 07:27:00 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I always found that showing people in real life my work got me things like "Yeah, I like it" and "It's good" but very rarely anything more meaningful that that unless I grilled them about it to the point of annoyance.

Surely you must have some friends who have the same taste in books, etc, as you? Show them.

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@ Redneck Rocker:

  • If you need a Beta Reader, then find one.
  • Find new people who want to help you write your story, especially those who are willing to commit themselves for the long haul.
  • If people would prefer watching a movie over reading a book, then don't take your written work to be edited by them. Find people you know who read and/or write a lot, and take your drafts to them. Find a Writing Group or a Writing Club, or go to Nanowrimo you'll find people there to help you.
  • Then find a different outlet for them! My past few points mention several options you can use. Also if you feel like it post your stuff on the Tvtropes Writer's Block Forum.

Also these Writing Excuses podcasts seem relevent to your troubles.

Also Dae Brayk has a very good point.

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29 snowfoxofdeath11th Feb 2011 07:50:44 PM from San Francisco Suburb
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What Dae Brayk said.

People looking like they want to kill themselves when they try to read your writing should be a sign that you should be taking their criticism seriously and try to improve. Instead of, you know, giving up.
People's criticism which just says, "Erm, it's great.. but you can trim down the description a little--"

This useless shit is best used for garden fertilizer. What I say is if your friends just go "Meh" without elaborating on what is so "Meh" about your writing, it damn well raises the warning bells in your head. But they don't tell you what exactly, and you can't see any way to actually improve your writing. Likely, it is they're your typical readers, looking for something interesting. Not likely is that they would much care to put in effort to help you out in your writing — looking at their reactions.

But here, we have a dedicated thread for writing critique. In there, you can post some snippets or all of what you have written, for us to take a look at and give you meaningful feedback. I am one of the lookers there.

I also made up a thread, about the feeling you're having.

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31 MildGuy12th Feb 2011 01:06:40 AM from the bed I made.
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@Redneck Rocker Do what you think is right. It's no crime to give up on a hobby or career that isn't working for you. Good luck, and I hope you find your true passion soon.
32 JewelyJ12th Feb 2011 07:13:16 AM from A state in the USA
Regardless of whether the OP's writing is bad or not saying "It's so bad I wanna hang myself" is stupid hyperbole and a sign of immature wannabe caustic critics.

OP try a group like this one ( http://beta-readers.deviantart.com/ ) that focuses more on individualized help with people who work with you.

Being told "Your writing is so bad it makes me wanna dieeeeee" does nothing for the writer. Having someone point out mistakes and offer suggestions without resorting to insults does.

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I'm sorry, but I feel like your post is something along the lines of "I'm bad so I'm going to quit instead of try to improve." If you're going to think like that, it's probably for the best that you stop writing because there are going to be lots of disappointments in your writing career. Someone will always think what you write is awful. There may be someone who thinks it's great. You have to keep trying, keep improving. If you truly liked to write, you wouldn't ever contemplate quiting. You're making the right choice by quitting, you couldn't handle failure.
34 Voltech4412th Feb 2011 04:39:19 PM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Giving up writing? I've got a few things to say to that. The first (and shortest) is, "Don't give up!" It may sound corny as all get out, but there's no denying that it's a great tool with no shortage of potential. It may be hard, and it may seem like you're not getting anything out of your work, but there's a lot that it can give you, regardless of outcomes. I speak from experience; I've been working on a project for three years, and I don't regret a single second of it. Have I gotten legions of readers/fans/responses? No way. Have I seen my fair share of criticisms? Of course. But that's part of the fun.

Besides, are you really willing to give up on something as amazing as writing? Just a few days ago, I was talking with one of my teachers about writing, and how it's important to have creative outlets in one's life. It offers a LOT (again, speaking from experience); having fun, relieving stress, and just seeing what kind of things you can make. It may be rough at times, but if you give up writing, you're giving up a lot more than just a few scribbled pages here and there.

I may be a Wide-Eyed Idealist, but in this case I hope you'll at least consider my ranting. In my case, I can't imagine a world without writing; as a fellow troper, and as a fellow writer, I want to offer my support however I can. I can't - and won't - force you to see things my way,but I honestly hope you'll keep writing.
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35 RedneckRocker12th Feb 2011 04:52:05 PM from None Of Your Business
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I appreciate the energy, Voltech, and I've talked it over with a couple people outside this site (not the ones who think reading = teeth-pulling), and they've merely suggested putting it on hold for a while. Maybe it'll just be for a while, maybe permanent; at this point, I'm in uncharted waters.

And for the record, some of the stuff I've written isn't just slapped-together, last-minute ideas. I've gone over them carefully, checking for any possible errors, and while the ideas may not be that original, they're fairly well-written.

I may have been a bit unclear earlier about the "wanna hang myself" folks: They were acting as though reading anything (even a two-page fake Apocalyptic Log) was more grueling than a current Saturday Night Live sketch. I could've made it easier to read than Billy The Bunny Bumps His Nose, and they'd react the same.
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36 Voltech4412th Feb 2011 05:00:31 PM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Well, if you need to take some time off, then go right ahead. And then, you can come back better than ever!

If you need someone to read your stuff, then I'd be happy to. I can't promise it'll be a quick turnaround (thank you, school), but I'll do what I can if it means helping a fellow writer.
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37 Madrugada12th Feb 2011 05:16:18 PM , Relationship Status: In season
^^ Then they aren't interested in reading anything, and it's not an indictment of what you write. People who are non-readers in the first place make for crappy response to anything, no matter how good it is or how much potential it has. Would you try to feed meatloaf to a vegan and ask for their opinion of the recipe?

As has been mentioned several times, this forum has a number of people who not only are readers, but are willing to read works-in-progress (which many readers aren't — they want the finished item.) Take advantage of these readers before you
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38 RedneckRocker12th Feb 2011 05:24:58 PM from None Of Your Business
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Would you try to feed meatloaf to a vegan and ask for their opinion of the recipe?

Only if I was tricking them, a la Scott Tenorman.

And to get back on subject, sometimes, you don't know if people are avid readers or not. Sadly, there's usually only one way to find out.
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39 Morven12th Feb 2011 09:06:14 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
Sometimes one has to accept that those people we're friends with or family with won't appreciate what we create.
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40 DrStarky15th Feb 2011 04:41:25 PM from Corn And Pig Land , Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
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Don't give me writings a skill, it gets better with practice. Trying just writing for writing sake for a while, and not on getting published, or 'making it' (and I mean like a few years, a while). Most great authors didn't find success until the reached their 30's or even 50's.
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Check if there's some sort of writer's club in your area - you'll get plenty of Beta Readers there (but at the price of being expected to do some Beta Reading yourself).
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I'm going to second the writer's club recommendation. There's usually at least one within a reasonable distance if you live in a fairly populated area.

Asking at local libraries is the best place to start looking if you can't find anything online.
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