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I am sorely tempted to describe the scene this take place in, but the basic is this. There's a very big (and mentally hampered due to being the offspring of brother-sister incest) minor "villain" in this thing I'm writing (he's not evil, just being used...yes, I am actively trying to avoid stepping on anyone's toes). In his only appearance and only fight, he takes a shot to the forehead (put your hand over your right eye, move it up until you reach the hairline - that's about where he gets shot). It's more of a glancing shot (a sizable chunk of skull and skin gets torn away), and although he gets killed shortly after (within one/two minutes, in fact), I'm just wondering: would I be right in assuming this would mostly just stun him, and that he could still try (and of course, fail) to kill the man who shot him (the protagonist), or did I roll a critical failure on my medical knowledge check?

Warning: The following spoiler may contain gabbing on about the story and the character.

I CAN'T RESIST AAAAAAAAH! If you're wondering, the rest of his death is fairly Rasputinian. He takes two bullets to the kidneys (shot from the side) and a round of buckshot to the lower back/spine (to distract him). He then gets stabbed in the partially exposed brain with a jackknife (that's what the distraction is for) because John's (mister protagonist) revolver is out of ammo (John is also the one doing the stabbing). This takes him down (OBVIOUSLY) but does not finish him off. He has just enough time for the following conversation to occur:

Big Guy: [On his knees and stammering.] I duh...done it wrong?

John: You didn't do nuthin'. [Chambers round.] Sorry, big guy.

...and then a shot to the face. I think the character is actually pretty tragic, mostly getting routed by his mother into killing the local group (tribe? clan?) of Native Americans. Like I said, he's not actively evil - he really doesn't know what he's doing. He's mentally crippled, blind in one eye since (since birth, though this doesn't get mentioned in the story, but that eye is a lot smaller and has no scars around it, so I think the readers will get it), and his mother (she IS evil) makes him wear a helmet to cover his face and passes him off as her "bodyguard from overseas".
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2 doorhandle11th Feb 2011 04:42:07 PM from Space Australia!
I think it's possible for The Brute to survive that headshot, yes, but he could still die from that wound if he wasn't going to be killed 2 minutes.

i'd say it's a mortal injury if not fatal, if you get my drift.
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Something he'd die from, but not immediatley. Right, got'cha.

I don't know if he qualifies as The Brute, though. Being the brute would imply he's evil, in a position of authority, so the only checks on the list are "big", "dim-witted", and "member of the quirky miniboss squad". Sort of.
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4 Mukora11th Feb 2011 06:16:31 PM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
Well, according to Zaeed Massani, if you're angry enough you can survive a headshot. Rage is a hell of an anesthetic, after all.

Okay, seriously, yes, he could likely survive that. Of course, he would have exposed brain tissue, so... he'd die pretty soon after, anyway.
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5 Morven11th Feb 2011 09:46:29 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
People have survived being shot in the head quite a bit, even with serious amounts of brain tissue loss. It's not necessarily fatal.
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6 doorhandle12th Feb 2011 01:31:11 AM from Space Australia!
People can survive being impaled, but it's not a common thing, and not nessialy surviving for long.

Still a good point but.
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