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1 Colossus1711th Feb 2011 11:35:02 AM from The Castle in the Mist
Assassin's Creed fanfic set in mid-19th century Japan. Several Assassins appear in the story, two of them Americans. One of the Americans takes more from the thievery and mobility aspect of the Order than the combat or the stealth. His gimmick lies more in his use of multiple purpose tools and the fact that a bit more lithe than the protagonist. Problem is, I'm having trouble finding such tools for him to use which still fit into the ~1850-70 timeframe of the story.

So I guess I need help finding them. His only known weapons so far are Kunai(climbing, stabbing, and throwing), Hidden Blade, and Pipe Tomahawk (kill and smoke).

That is, unless anyone has any other ideas for his gimmick.
2 Sidewinder13th Feb 2011 01:41:13 PM , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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Can't you just invent some?

I mean, constructing a hidden blade should probably not be possible during the crusades. Not to mention that a lot of the things Leonardo makes should probably not work that well.

Given that the Templars are rewriting history to suit their needs you can probably sneak in some special tech that, by our standards, shouldn't be possible by then.

Also, if you want suggestions you should list what skills/abilities you need the Assassin to have. Remember Chekhov's Gun and don't introduce something that won't influence the plot in some way,
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