The one problem I have with Jon Stewart.:

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26 Sark12th Feb 2011 09:02:12 AM from across 100 000 miles
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I think that he initally started out just doing comedy and also politcal news but the further he got into it the more he was either disapointed in the rest of the news media or the more he felt he had to finish what he started.

Although another difference between his show and a real news station is that his show primarily reports on other news stations. So well he really doesn't have the same duties as other shows anyway.

Still I watch his show time I get the chance but I always watch his show for the comedic content.

Although Somebody pointed out Canadian political shows and I'm reminded of 22 Minutes and The Mercer Report (Somewhat like a Canadian version of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report that actually existed before the Daily show and the Colbert Report)

Where they frequently have politicians on as quests (including many past and present Prime Ministers), often talk about politics and heavily critizes the current goverment, yet is never even mentioned in Canadian news. Actually Canadian new stations mention Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Far more often Than Rick Mercer or the 22 minutes guys.

So it might be more about American news media than Jon Stewart, you know?
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^ Thanks. My point exactly. This Our Has 22 Minutes and The Mercer Report are brilliant examples of political comedy that isn't taken seriously as news. In fact, I say those guys are more ballsy than The Colbert Report. They walk straight up to politicians and insult them. Jon Stewart would be in jail if he tried that. Or shot dead.
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The fact that the Daily Show, which isn't a news show, does a better job reporting on the news than real news shows is part of the joke, isn't it?
I think it's very sad that he probably has the best news show in america and I think he's sad about that too, that a show with a terrorist Muppet and "The best f*@#ng newscast in the world" can be more accurate, unbiased and logic than entire news networks. He bashes both Conservatives and Liberals so you can't say he takes sides blindly. The popularity of the show have made it easier for famous and important people to consider appearing on his show, and because of how he treats people he even disagrees with, he's very likely to have recurring appearances from them. The fact that he's so smart and prepares so much when interviewing people and is so knowledgeable in his subjects account to the size of his crowning moments of awesome, which is in itself sad that he has opportunities and material to have crowning moments of awesome while interviewing these people and while joking about these subjects in the first place. He's just trying to be good at what he does, but I don't know what side to take on the subject of his responsibilities. One one hand he didn't pursued and tried to one day become such a moving force, but on the other hand like Uncle Ben said: With great power comes great responsibility.
30 Cojuanco23rd Feb 2011 04:36:37 PM from Irvine, CA, US
You know, this reminds me: how do you think we could make honest journalism (which Stewart does if only by accident) sell, as opposed to the ideological drivel our news networks have become? That's the reason for the utter mess of our politics - journalists have stopped being even remotely concerned with the public good and more about stuffing their own pockets.
31 Deboss23rd Feb 2011 04:48:25 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
When were they ever concerned with the public good?
I'm telling you, state media. It's your best option and every country that has a state media has far better journalism.
[up] But in other cases state media is likely to be in favour of goverment politics and can be spread up till propaganda. And I think most state media is very good in reporting things (most of them do great cultural/education/documentation stuff!) but critical discussion of Base Breaker topics is not their primary concern. Good indepent news sources fill the gap. if you have them. Btw, what about news papers, don't they shelter critical journalists? (I mean, the good ones)
Yep. You have state media with no restrictions on private media. It basically blocks private media from lying. Most of the time, the most respected journalists come from the state media because they don't care about ratings. I think you're comparing totalitarian state media (where private media is banned) to a situation in Canada, UK, France etc where the state media is an addition to the current situation.

They're also very good places to produce high quality journalists. For instance, the former editor-in-chief of CBC (Canada's crown corporation for news) moved on to head up Al-Jazeera.

The thing is that the news produced by state media comes with such integrity and in-depth analysis that private corporations end up competing by trying to be just as credible to get their ratings. Then if you think for instance, the state media is helping a particular political party, private media could bash them over it, so they never risk it (otherwise their funding is endangered).
At first, I’ve seen him make arguments that he’s a simple comedian and shouldn’t be taken seriously, and I had the same thoughts as the OP. I think he may be doing it to balance himself out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks it’s absurd that the country thinks that his show can be counted as an actual news show with accurate journalism practices since they snark at everything so much. However, most people think that about his show since it doesn’t have much spin to it like other news networks do.

And I think that if he were to step up, say that he and his show is a credible news show, then sponsors and companies would be egging him on (in whatever way it’s done, I have no clue) to spin his news to convey an implied idea instead of base news that views make what they will of, which is something that Stewart, after watching his shows, seems to want to avoid.

Though at the end of the day, I mainly think most people view his show as a credible place to get real news because there’s very little spin on it, since most people that would pressure for spun news simply view his show as a “comedy show”, and write it off as inconsequential (which obviously isn’t the case).
36 Ratix26th Feb 2011 01:49:01 PM from Someplace, Maryland
To his credit, he's been giving a LOT of credit to actual journalists that go out and get difficult or controversial stories to report on. He has flat out stated that he couldn't do that sort of stuff and he respects them for it.
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