How your imagination works (when writing):

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26 Dec10th Feb 2011 04:04:06 PM from The Dance Floor
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I usually don't walk because I don't want to deal with people, and because I don't have a treadmill despite really, really wanting one. I also tend to laugh when I think up something funny, which is really awkward in public.

There is, however, a rarely used playground with a swing set in the apartment complex. One of these days I'm going to remember its there and actually use it.
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27 MrAHR10th Feb 2011 04:05:02 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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That's what a closed door and a bedroom is for.
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29 Tidal_Wave_1710th Feb 2011 04:27:48 PM from Business, Nunya , Relationship Status: Singularity
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When I start to write, for some weird reason, it always has to be on paper first and with a pen, and I have to use the same pen while writing the whole thing.

If I change pens, the story feels different until I use that first pen again.

Sometimes I walk, too. I once tried to bring a notebook with me to write down stuff I came up with, but my handwriting was all scribbly because I didn't have something to lay it on.

Also, whenever I'm in class or watching a TV show, the ideas just flow, but when I sit down with a pen, some paper, and now distractions, I'm just blank.
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All of my best ideas come to me in the night, before I fall asleep. My imagination always just kicks in the hardest at that time. I can't tell you how many times I've had to turn over at 2 in the morning and try to catch a train of ideas and put it down on paper.

My favorite was about a month or so ago I came up with a webcomic idea that I figured would end up just running about seven strips, but my mind kept churning and churning until I had somewhere around seventy different jokes written down.

Any plot/character ideas worth pursuing are things I came up with before falling asleep. It's like I have to be half conscious in order to make anything good.
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It doesn't.

When it does...

Usually I get ideas while out walking, either for walking's sake or on my way to somewhere. When at home, I don't tend to pace; instead I sit at the computer listening to music, preferably stuff which reflects the mood of the scene I want to write.

I carry a notepad around with me, which I use to jot down ideas and sources of inspiration, or just things that sound cool that I think I might use for something, including pieces of trivia, overheard remarks and mental images.

When writing scenes, I have to get inside the characters' heads. If I don't do that, I can get stuck; most ideas that I have abandoned have involved characters that I couldn't properly wrap my head around.
32 animemetalhead11th Feb 2011 08:27:33 AM from Ashwood Landing, ME
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I always end up doing all of my thinking in the shower... oddly enough. Beyond that, I daydream in the car, or sometimes I get distracted while I'm... browsing the internet.

Since my storywriting process involves coming up with scenarios and throwing my characters into them headlong, this tends to work out well. Music tends to help, especially since I'm writing my main story about a band, so it helps to set the mood for what they're doing, and as inspiration for chapter titles.

Once I actually have an idea, I usually just sit in front of my laptop and type until my brain decides to stop working for whatever reason. Overcoming writers block is difficult for me, usually I look back over previous writing in the same continuity for ideas.

Just my 2 cents.
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33 JewelyJ11th Feb 2011 09:09:38 AM from A state in the USA
I walk and listen to music like many others. Also I'm a sugar junkie so a lot of my ideas come when I've head something sweet.

I'm easily distracted so it takes a lot of discipline for me to focus myself on the story itself. If I'm really angry or upset I can't think of ideas and everything I do think of just sounds stupid.

I come up with ideas pretty much at random, although mostly at late night. I also seem to come up with lots of good stuff while I'm making tea. God only knows why. Sometimes I'm just daydreaming and the daydream becomes so bizarre and sort-of-symbolic that I end up writing it down. And I daydream a lot.

Pacing doesn't really help for me, and music hinders me if anything. I start concentrating on the music too much, and can't write because the music is going. I can write with very quiet ambient music on, but even then, I only do that rarely.

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Almoust all the time. Specially when I'm listening to music.
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36 MildGuy12th Feb 2011 02:05:07 AM from the bed I made.
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The ideas for stories and scenes, and the solutions to story issues I've been seeking come at the odd in-between moments in life. Settling down to sleep. Near the end of a hot shower. Getting out of my car to walk into work.

Sometimes the dialog comes first, even though I'm not very good w/dialog. I hear them talking, before I see their faces or feel out the space they stand in. I hear who's winning, and I'll feel who's getting hurt by the words.

On rare occasions I will get a single image or a profound sense of feeling, and build everything up from this single brick. The pale, filthy throne of a monster king presiding over the lightless cave of its throne room. A thirst for revenge so potent it brings life back to a woman's time-ravaged body. A battered soldier commanding his former superior: "Tell me how this ends."

While I'm writing, I try to visualize everything in all five senses, though I trend toward the visual, focusing on the sense of touch second most.

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I talk to myself. A lot. Usually I do it in-character for tricky conversations that could go a hundred different ways, and then I write down what feels truest to the characters. Talking is also followed by broad hand movements, acting out scenes, and a ridiculously wide variety of facial expressions.

I rarely, however, pace.

Once in a while, I just babble into a recorder, spilling out ideas and changing topics midword. It's a frightening glance into my subconscious.

This is how I get characterization down, by having a vague idea of what I want them to be like, and then just talking talking talking as them until it sounds right. I've learned more about my characters and the world they live in by nattering on than should be possible.

When it comes down to it though, the actual writing... I write it out by hand (usually in cursive because then it feels like the story is literally flowing from my fingertips and I'm less likely to break stride) and edit it as I transfer it onto the laptop. I picture the scene and then do my damnedest to describe it as I see it.
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I spend about three hours staring at a blank text document thinking of how to start off, then I write fervently for about an hour before scrapping what I've written because it's not good enough. >.>

Well, sometimes I keep what I've written, I guess. Although I'm never happy with it. Ugh.

I generally come up with most of my ideas on the bus to and from college, or when I'm out walking. Unfortunately, I seem to forget the better ones by the time I get home.

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Shower epiphanies. I also steal a lot of ideas from my dreams, which themselves tend to be loosely based on various works. Music sometimes helps me visualize action, but more often it's just distracting. And I pace like mad but only when I'm doing some chore or talking on the phone. Walking around aimlessly just destroys the creative process.

40 Voltech4412th Feb 2011 06:56:31 PM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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As for me, it seems like sometimes I can only write a certain scene when I've got the appropriate BGM playing, so I've got YouTube loaded in one tab while I write about, say, a kick-ass motorcycle chase scene in Word. (Recently, I've been finding some good songs by typing in "ost" followed by a word that describes the scene's mood. Like "ost tension" or "ost insanity." Just a little pro

Beyond that, one of the things that helps me - as a character-oriented writer - is to imagine my characters as sprites from a fighting game. Movement, body language, stances, and things like that are all pretty important to me, so it's not uncommon for me to stand in front of my mirror and try to recreate their movements. (Thank the stars for closed doors.) I also put a fairly heavy emphasis on rendering my characters in the story, describing bits and pieces of their appearance, color schemes, tics, and the like. It feels like once I nail how they look and move, their dialogue tends to come a bit more naturally.

Of course, maybe it's because of some deep-rooted wish to make my own fighting game. Or maybe because my brother plays Street Fighter till dawn while I'm trying to sleep. Brainwashing, or something like that.
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My imagination never stops (most of my ideas suck, but I don't use 'em all, anyways, sometimes I just imagine stories for the hell of it). As I mentioned before, listening to music tends to make it work more than the usual. I've been like this... Even before I learned how to write.

I think I actually began writing in order to get rid of some of my story ideas. But then, I realized writing was good and began writing for the fun of it.

Please, tell me this is normal.

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42 Voltech4412th Feb 2011 09:09:26 PM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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[up]I'm with you. Writing's a good way to relieve tension, and - in a sense - clean out your head every now and then by taking what's in it and putting it on paper. It's the Catharsis Factor, or something like that.

I mean, let's face the facts. Writing is awesome.
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Set up fitting music: Sabaton for battle scenes, random Italian music for love scenes, a host of varying songs for most else. I generally imagine something like a storyboard for every scene, and the zone on a selection of details that embody the spirit of the thing.

The visualization comes after that, generally of a few select moments that are the scene's centerpiece, and only then can I start to write the thing properly, having caught a drift of the scene's emotional content.
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My imagination is a weird beast, something that only seems to awaken after the sun sets, but stirred easily by music. Indeed, a lot of the situations and events I place my characters in are drawn from what I like to call the 'essence' of a song, be it a piece of electro-pop, country, heavy metal, classical or something from a movie trailer.

From that essence my imagination starts creating strands, threads, of characters, dialogue and location, trying to weave it all together into a cohesive whole, sometimes difficult when taking the whole story into context, but I try anyway. And I swear that my imagination and subconscious (maybe) has taken my stories to places I never thought I'd go, or ever be able to write about.
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