The Darkness II:

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Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
This calls for celebration.

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3 VutherA8th Feb 2011 11:15:00 AM from Canada , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Thank you, Monty Oum.
[up] Considering that, I assure if I had played the first game I'd probably be in here posting Mr. Bison yelling "YES! YES!".

Unfortunately, I haven't.

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[up]You should, you could probably find it for $5 to $7smile
The atmosphere of the game was amazing but the gameplay was really weak: You could go through the whole game using the tentacle whip and demon gun to one-shot dudes, even the last leg of bosses. I hope they fix that in the sequel.

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[up]That was kinda the point, as long as you didn't play like an assclown, you were basically un-killable. The way I think they'll rectify your (almost) God-mode would probably be to introduce the Angelus, maybe even the Witchblade or Magdalene, as boss characters and the Angelus' army as elite mooks.
So very yay. 2011 just got even better.
The Prodigal Returns
Well this calls for a celebration.

I will.
Aww, did I hurt your widdle fee-fees?
Jonah Falcon
The first Zero Punctuation - ever.

Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Okay, I played The Darkness II at PAX East - it's better than the original - but this time, you have an imp companion. Who wears a Union Jack shirt. And makes snarky comments.

... I asked the devs if it was a reference to Zero Punctuation, and they were surprised The Darkness demo was the first ZP. Either they're incredibly naive or incredibly coy. I'm guessing the latter.

And you KNOW the Fan Nickname for the imp will be Yahtzee. YOU KNOW IT.
Jonah Falcon
I never got the opportunity to play the game all the way to the end (I rented it a few times, because buying games was - and still is - out of question for me) and I thought it was brilliant.

I'm really glad they're making a sequel, though I'll have to finally beat the first game, one way or another, before I can play it.
What I'm so glad about this game is that the left arm can finally eat.
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
I heard The Darkness 1 was pretty good but I lacked a console that could run it. Since Darkness 2 is coming to PC would I still need to play the first game to understand it?
Jonah Falcon
Some stuff is recapped, but you won't have the same emotional hit, especially with how the first game ended.
Jonah Falcon
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So hey it's out now. Sounds like it's good.
Rented it Tuesday, beat it yesterday. The good things about is that the combat never gets old. There's 2 parts where you play as the Darkling, but other wise there are no other change-ups to combat aside from unlocking new talents. However, the talents are creative enough that this doesn't become boring. A lot of the talents are really useful and add some great flavor to the combat. I especially love gun channeling and the executions. The story is also pretty good; it's no Planescape: Torment, but it does get the job done and does it well. Sadly, the game is like 7 hours long, so it goes by really fast. There's some online co-op to be had, but otherwise the game feels really short. Also, the grab button is really wonky sometimes. I'd say rent it before you buy it.
Is there a Wham Episode to this?
[up]Two Wham Moments, actually.
[up] And what are those? Oh, and what about from the previous game?
21 QuestionMarc10th Feb 2012 05:32:22 AM from Down-town Canada , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
I wonder if it's possible to finish the game with only the powers of the Darkness. Who needs puny guns when you have the Darkness backing you up?
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22 mahel04210th Feb 2012 06:29:20 AM from Stockholm,Sweden
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Well you can't use the darkness powers while in the light and there will probably be some places that are flooded with light.
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[up][up]There are enemies who carry spotlights on their shoulders in order to stop Darkness powers from working. They are assholes of the highest caliber and should be murdered via tentacle to the heart.

Also, Mike Patton's voice-acting as The Darkness kicks ass yet again. He'll probably lose the voice actor of the year awards to whatever celebrity douchebag shows up in Modern Warbattles on the Field of Duty 7 or something like that, but he's still awesome.
I want to know why in game videos I watch there are unbreakable light fixtures all over the damn place.
[up]No clue, I haven't seen the videos in question. In the videos I've seen, all the lights were breakable, save one, and that one I was only unsure of because the player didn't try to break it.

The ending is pretty awesome, but I hope that there's a sequel so they don't end up wrapping on such a downer ending.

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