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So,here's my situation. I have two characters defending an area,one has light armor with shield and spear while the other doesn't have any armor and only has a tomahawk and a cutlass. They must fight an army of mooks by themselves.

How can I make this scenario interesting to the reader? My point in this scene is to make to characters seem really awesome like Legalus(don't know if I spelled his name right) from Lord of The Rings.

I can save the other characters for other purposes,but I need these two to seem strong because they don't have a special ability like the others.

I know I'm going to have a problem with Conservation of Ninjutsu,but I need this scene.
The answer depends on the area that's defended, the type of the mooks attacking and the overall heroicness level of the world this is happening in.

Going by the assumption that no special powers equals badass normal the conditions need to be quite strict for them to stand a chance:

Killing the characters would be easiest with missile weapons -> make sure that's not possible: the area needs to have enough cover and concealment; reduce the enemies' range of sight enough to make attempts at missile combat suicidal (the only range at which combat can happen is so short that archers/slingers/javelineers won't have time to attack before getting skewered)

Getting surrounded and mobbed by the army is instant TPK -> the area needs to break the attacking force apart and not many can attack at once.

A competent leader on the other side will try to exploit their advantages as much as possible -> having the other side be unaware of the situation can be critical -> misdirection and deception will be key, to make the defenders look more numerous.

When the enemy is broken to small groups, the defenders (preferably with mobility advantage with hidden passages or something similar -> makes them look more numerous) will try to get as many "cheap kills" as possible, using psychological warfare in an attempt to break the attackers' morale and make them more vulnerable. Traps will help a lot. A reputation will too.

This way they can rack an impressive kill count without resorting to blatantly implausible ninjutsu. If the universe allows the characters to be more super start reducing the "unfair" advantages, beginning with those that seem the "cheapest" while retaining as much advantage as possible: this will make it seem more heroic but will require proportionally greater badassery to pull off.

(take with some salt since this is based on "common sense" instead of in-depth knowledge of fighting)

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[up] I agree. Engaging them in small groups is the smart thing to do. If they don't engage the army of mooks in 2-man guerilla warfare and instead take them on like it's Dynasty Warriors, it's just going to be dull. Have them sew confusion among the army, sabotage their efforts, set traps, and demonstrate their mastery of Fieldcraft by moving through the forest like a pair of squirrels. Also, using scare tactics to demoralize the enemy is great too; making the army feel unwelcome on a existential/supernatural level is going to work wonders.
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Maybe they could psych the guys out into thinking they do have special powers? That one character in Future Diary who Out-Gambitted several precognitives into thinking he had the same powers as them came across as extremely impressive to me.
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