A tactic for infiltrating a fortress?:

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I've been stuck at this for a while now. I don't know what to do aside from surprising the audience at the same time that I have the protagonists surprise the antagonists with their tactic like in most of the Suikoden video games (in other words, having the audience be unaware of the deception of the protagonists' tactic). I have no clue what that tactic could be, though. Currently, I have a decoy team distracting the defending/antagonist army while another team enters it from behind via ladders and/or grappling hooks.

I read the page about common tactical war inaccuracies on the tropepedia and concluded that the most effective way to take down a fortress is extremely boring. Also, it needs to be rather simple.

So, what ideas do you have? Or, what do you think about my idea of the decoy team-infiltration team?
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Name the setting: Tech level? Time? Place? Is it open warfare? Cold war? Is the enemy a governmental or non-governmental actor? Do the good guys have any advantages in terms of tech? Manpower? Supplies? Or are they forced to scrape by with a ragtag outfit and whatever skills they have? I have no clue what your story is or the context in which the fortress is being infiltrated, so I can't really offer much advice until you answer at least some of these questions.
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Bribe someone on the inside. A fat stack of cash can force open gates more easily than any army.

The romans scales the walls of a city and took them out in a surprise attack...then again they weren't expecting them.

Sorry about that. I should have included that.

The tech level is medieval but without crossbows. Also, these are the small-numbered protagonists attacking a fortress held by the larger-numbered antagonists.

I'm glad to hear the scaling of walls is plausible, too. It also fits because the protagonists, before attacking Fort A, leaked false info that they were planning to attack Fort B. The two forts are fairly close, so some troops from Fort A are likely to be temporarily moved to Fort B. That's what I have written as of now, at least.

I think the main problem is that the protagonist tactician is considered "brilliant" even though the strategy is rudimentary. I could hang a lampshade by having another character say it's actually quite a simple plan, but I intend for this to be a drama.

Anyways, thanks so far, and anything else?
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Depending on how the fortress takes care of human waste, you might have another entrance into the fortress.

That said your idea seems like it could work, but it might not go as planned. I If there is information that Fort B is going to be attacked, Fort A is going to be especially wary of the possibility of it being attacked.

[[My personal thoughts]] If Fort A sends troops to Fort B, then Fort A would probably have a heavier patrol during times when there is lower visibility.  * However I believe if Fort A was really cautious and/or smart, they would keep their troops that way if Fort B does get attacked then they could send troops to attack the besiegers from behind. This means that they will still have their full garrison, and have heavier patrols just in case the information is wrong.  * [[/My personal thoughts]]

All in all you are writer, so you know your story better than any of us. If you think that something could work, then write it! wink

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Yay! That's exactly what I wrote it as in the first draft: they infiltrate the fortress, but reinforcements show up and surround the fortress while they're still in it. Thank you, everyone.
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do they have picks and spare time?

I would go the dwarf route and just tunnle under the fortress over a long period.

Provided it's not a common tactic in the area it would take them completly by surprise, and you could just cut down the entire castle by taking out supports.
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Undermining the walls of the fortress was rather common back in the day. I'd also give points to bribery, especially if your attackers have been conducting siege warfare for an extended period  *.

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