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The Wanderer
-The battle has more or less gone in our favor-

Cobalt: -Meteor Mashes the Haxorus from before- <Tagg, these guys are annoying, but not very strong.>

Muddy: -Uses Hydro Pump on a Charizard- <Yeah, it's really weird.>

Crazed!Aggron: <Run away!>

-The mons that were accosting us before all run away-

Forecaster: <That's weird.>


-Suddenly, some Neoshadows come out of the ground along with some Pokemon with the Soulless sigil on their chest, all with glowing yellow eyes-

Oh fuck.

Tropius: <Soulless? From Empire Soul?>

You have got to be kidding me.

Nudi: <They remind me a lot of Missingno's minions.>

Let's rock guys.

-Gets out his dagger as the iPhokex starts playing this-

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So, we're fighting Cyrus tommorow, then?
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- In the other dimension -

- DS and the Lake Trio are still trying to figure out what Dialga had in mind -

Hmm... I still got nothing. You girls have any ideas?

Mesprit: <No...>

Azelf: <Not yet, DS.>

Uxie: <... Perhaps the answer to our question is closer than we think? At least, that is the feeling I'm getting.>

Huh, that does seem possible...

Azelf: <How? There is nothing here apart from us, this dark, mountainous area...> (floats up to the petrified Palkia, hovering in front of her face) <... and our sister, who is currently a statue!> (moves away from the statue, still floating high above) <There is nothing else...> (notices something) <... here?> (floats over, hovering above the edge of the cliff DS and the petrified Palkia are on, noticing something sparkly below) <Hey, girls! Check this out!>

- Uxie and Mesprit fly up to Azelf, while DS simply walks to the edge off the cliff -

Azelf: (points) <You see that? That sparkle down there?>

Mesprit: <I see it!>

Uxie: (tilts head) <Odd... I can't tell what it is from up here... Yet somehow, it seems... familiar...> (realizes something) <Wait a minute... Could it be...?>

- DS stares wide-eyed at the sparkle below them, reaching the same conclusion as Uxie -

... The... The Lustrous Orb?

- DS just stares for a few more seconds, before a smile crosses her face -
86154 rmctagg092nd Sep 2011 10:20:55 AM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
Kricketune: -Slashes through a Neoshadow- <I think he got my point.>

Luxray: -Drops a Thunder on a Soulless!Bibarel- <That was a horrible pun Kricketune.>

Gaia: -Uses Leaf Storm to blow a bunch of Neoshadows away- <How'd they even get here anyway?>

-Slashes through two Neoshadows-

I'm assuming those portals in the sky brought them here. I suppose it's a good thing that they're only in Sinnoh.

Steel: -Destroys a Soulless!Nosepass with Iron Tail- <Yeah, though I wonder if anything else not from this world got here.>

I hope not.

-Hears a roar in the distance-

Now what could that be?

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Lake: <Oh, Arceus...>

-We've reached Sinnoh (After rushing through the Cubone tribes caves, with promises that I would be attending that dinner after all this was over, not that they would have known what I was talking about), and naturally, we're all quite shocked at the state the region is in.-

Harriet: <Oh wow, it's a wasteland.>

Treeo: <No wonder DS insisted on fighting Cyrus. Look what he's done to this place!>

Stratus: <I feel so sorry for all the Pokémon and people that used to live here...>

Unite: <Those Cubone and Marowak don't look so healthy either.>

Treeo: <No surprise, this place is dead. Certainly no place where plants could grow properly. No place for a Grass type, either.>

Woolly: <How are we supposed to find Tagg?>

I would send one of you to look for him, but I'm worried you guys might get lost or something. So I guess the only thing we can do is to search on foot.

Unite: <That sounds smart.>

Come on, then.

-All of us head off, keeping an eye out for any sign of Tagg. Lake can't hekp but notice that Flare looks incredibly worried.-

Lake: <It's okay, Flare. We'll find him.>

Flare: <...I hope we do...>
86156 DarkerShining2nd Sep 2011 10:34:16 AM from Norway Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
- The Lake Trio fly down to investigate the sparkly object, using telekinesis to carry DS down from the cliff with them. As they get close, they discover that the sparkly object is indeed the Lustrous Orb -

Mesprit: <Yay! It really is the Lustrous Orb! How wonderful!>

Azelf: <Hehe! I guess Palkia must've dropped it when she fell through the portal.>

Uxie: (examines the orb) <It appears to be unharmed. Perhaps we can use it to restore our sister to normal?>

Azelf: <I sure hope so!>

Same here! Let's take it back up to Palkia and see if it works!

- The Lake Trio attempt to pick up the Lustrous Orb, only to find that it has gotten stuck between some frozen-in-time roots, making it hard for them to pull it out -

Mesprit: <Aww... It's stuck...>

Azelf: <Ha! Nothing a psychic blast can't take care of!>


- The Lake Trio look over at me -

Save your strength, girls. You will need it for the upcoming battle.

- I walk over, getting down on my knees next to the Lustrous Orb -

I'll try to pull it out.

- The Lake Trio move aside as I grab onto the Lustrous Orb with both hands, attempting to pull it out -

Mesprit: <Think she can do it?>

Azelf: <Of course! She's stronger than what her thin arms suggest!>

- DS falls backwards as the Lustrous Orb suddenly comes loose -


Mesprit: <DS! Are you all right?>

- Smiles, holding the Lustrous Orb -

Yeah, I'm fine.

- I sit up, looking at the Lustrous Orb -


- Hugs the orb tightly against my chest -

... The last piece of the puzzle.
86157 TracerBullet2nd Sep 2011 10:35:49 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-In the warehouse-

<Mike: "Drat, I just remembered what I'm-">

-A salvo of laser fire emerges from the front of the tank as it rolls forward, which is narrowly dodged by Mike activating his power armor's boosters-

<Mike: "Is that the best you've got?">

-The tank circles around in a zero degree turning radius-

<Mike: "Wait, how am I supposed to damage this thing again?">

-Toggles a button, causing a burst of gunfire to come from one of the power armor's weapons-

<Mike: "That works.">

<Richard: "Hope you're quick on your feet, Michael!">

-A salvo of missiles comes from a set of turrets on the tank-

<Mike: "Oh come on!">


-In Sinnoh-

-Jodie is playing this loud enough to hear-

<Toothless: "Was that really necessary?">

<Buster: "Ugh... How did we forget to leave that with Mike?">

<Teala: "Wait, so where are the other elders?">

<Sharp Bone: "They're just up ahead...">

<Luxio: "Well... I guess we should go back...">

<Yellow Threedot: "Yeah, s-someone's got to make sure that the tunnels stay safe...">

-The Luxio and Yellow Threedot return for the cave-

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86158 rmctagg092nd Sep 2011 10:37:32 AM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
-A T. rex comes out-

What in the name of all creation is that?

Cobalt: <It's not a Pokemon, I know that.>

T. rex: -Roars as the Soulless focus their attention on it-

Let's get out of here!

-Beats a rather hasty retreat with my mons as the T. rex and Soulless fight one another-

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Harriet: <...? Do you guys hear roaring?>

Lake: <Yeah...Whatever that is, it doesn't sound friendly.>

Stratus: <You guys don't think that whatever it is going after Tagg, do you?>

Flare: <Knowing our luck...>
86160 stargirl932nd Sep 2011 10:44:06 AM from Destiny Islands Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
-is just sitting in the entralink-

Tomoorow we fight Cyrus, I guess...


-just stares at the ground out of boredom-

86161 TracerBullet2nd Sep 2011 10:44:18 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-In the warehouse-

-Mike dodges most of the missile salvo, but is unable to avoid one of them-

<Mike: "Rrgh!">

<Richard: "Muahahaha! Luckily for you, these things are built to last!">

<Mike: "Lucky me indeed.">

-Destroys the a set of treads on one side of the tank with a massive salvo of weapons fire-


-In Sinnoh-

-The group and I have finally encountered the elders-

<Hydra Marrow: "Oh, I see that you all have returned...">

<Red Skull: "What brings you all here? Not that you're unwelcome or anything...">

<Iron Marrow: "We came in order to offer some help...">


-Back at the space tunnels, heading out into the foyer-

<Pascal: "I'm telling you, I heard someone ahead, man!">

<Nathan: "Well no kidding you did, we're going into a tribe of Cubone!">

<Pascal: "Not that, someone that we knew better!">

<Kyle: "Huh? But who else is here?">
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86162 rmctagg092nd Sep 2011 10:50:22 AM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
-Has made it to the Jubilife City limits after fighting crazed Pokemon, Soulless, and many other horrors-

Vanilluxe: <That Redead didn't hurt you too bad did it, Tagg?> unclean.

Doc: -Is poking a dead Headcrab with a stick, its body having been seemingly bludgeoned by a decent sized rock- <At least this thing didn't attach to Tagg's head.>

Hydreigon: -Swallows it- <That tasted really good.>

Garchomp: <We still haven't run into Neptune yet though.>

-The T. rex continues walking through the forest in the direction of Jubilife, now a Soulless-

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86163 TracerBullet2nd Sep 2011 11:00:31 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-In the warehouse-

-The tank begins to turn more slowly due to the crippled set of treads-

<Richard: "Let's see how well you can keep that up!">

-Fires another salvo of missiles-

-Boosting to behind the tank-

<Mike: "I can keep up just fine!">

-Destroys the other set of treads on the crippled side of the tank, preventing it from turning further-

<Richard: "Nice one, Michael. But... Now it's time for my wild card!">

-The tank transforms into a spider mech-

<Richard: "Stop shaking in your tracks senorita, and fight like a man!">

-As the transformed tank's weapons arrays fan out-

<Richard: "And now, for the finale!">

-A truly massive salvo of missiles is shot out-


-With the Sinnoh Tribe's elders-

<Sharp Bone: "Just what did you have to offer? I mean... We appreciate food and all...">

<Hydra Marrow: "But that still doesn't solve the problems of the fiends and other abominations that roam this land now... What good is food if it just makes us more attractive prey?">

"Hmm... What if we were able to help make some of these creatures a less pressing concern for your tribe?">

<Red Skull: "What are you suggesting?">


-En route back to the caves-

<Yellow Threedot: "I just hope tha- EEEEP!">

-Spots Luke and his Pokemon-

<Yellow Threedot: "Wh-Where did you come from?!">

-Sparking up-

<Luxio: "Grr... How did you slip through the cave so easily?!">


-Coming out of the cave-

<Aloysius: "... Is that Luke? What on earth is he doing here?">

<Pascal: "I told you, dude!">

<Nathan: "We get it, just remember why we came here!">
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86164 rmctagg092nd Sep 2011 11:20:12 AM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
-Is looking through the Trainer's School for any supplies-

Gaia: <When we visited here the first time I was still a Turtwig, and Roc and Luxray hadn't even evolved yet either.>

-Manages to find some supplies in a cupboard after shooing away a giant cockroach-

I wonder if DS ever came here. I'm sure she probably did.

Luxray: <She certainly wouldn't be happy if she saw what her region's become.>

Nudi: <Don't we have that rematch with her to do?>

Yeah, after we're done with this. I'm really looking forward to it.

Garchomp: -Sniffs the air- <We should get a move on, I can smell more abominations nearby.>

You heard her guys, let's go.

-We leave the Trainer's School-
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-Spots the Cubone.-

Three Dot? Oh wait, they don't remember, do they?

Woolly: <We're so sorry, we were in a hurry! We needed to get through!>

Unite: <You wouldn't have happened to have seen a Black guy with a whole bunch of Pokémon recently, would you?>

Treeo: -Notices Tracers mons.- <Huh? Nathan? Pascal? Aloysius?>

Lake: <What are you doing here?>

86166 TracerBullet2nd Sep 2011 11:37:15 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Mike attempts to dodge the salvo again, most of which carries on to obliterate the wall behind Mike, but is hit by a pair of missiles-

-In a now noticeably damaged suit of power armor-

<Mike: "Agh!">

-Retreats to behind a control room-

<Richard: "Muahahaha! Can't take it, can you, Michael?">

-Switching to a massive rocket launcher behind the control room before quickly popping out-


-And badly damages the body of the spider mech-

<Richard: "Muahahaha! What is that, your catchphrase or something? It's like I've heard it a million times before!">

-Fires another salvo of missiles-


-With the elders-

"Maybe... We could get you guys to team up... To do something..."

<Hydra Marrow: "And just what would that be?">

<Iron Marrow: "Wait, what are you going to suggest?">

"Well... If we are to ever reclaim Sinnoh... We'll probably need bases to do so... Easily defensible ones..."

<Hydra Marrow: "You honestly expect us to be able to take anything beyond our territory? In our tribe's present state? With Sinnoh as it is now?">

<Red Skull: "Let him finish, Hydra...">

"No... But with a little help... You might be able to enable others to do so..."

<Shaun: "Wait, but how?">

"There's a number of tunnels around this region. And considering where we are possibly also a mine shaft... If we could secure them... Others might have a chance, if a slim one at making things a little more normal here again..."


-With Luke-

<Luxio: "... There was a human that came through here, but he wasn't black...">

<Yellow Threedot: "Wait, there's humans with black skin? I thought that they only had shades of brown!">

<Kyle: "That's what he meant...">

<Yellow Threedot: "Oh... Then no... Wait, what are the others doing here?">

<Luxio: "Yeah, you guys kept coming during that one week...">

<Zoe: "We heard that Tracer came here earlier, and something really serious happened while we were out...">

<Nathan: "So the sooner we found him, the better...">
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86167 stargirl932nd Sep 2011 11:37:31 AM from Destiny Islands Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
- -afteer some delay, get's Cobalt's message-


We just had someone die/dissappear from fighting alone! What the heck is he thinking?!

-sighs and gets up-

-pointing to each pokemon-

September, August, June, Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday, Come with me.

Everyone else, Stay here.

-heads for the Space tunnel-
Looks like he wasn't here, then.

Unite: <Duh! He has Xatu! He can just teleport wherever he wants!>

Oh, yeah. forgot about him. Wait...There are others here?

Harriet: <Sounds to me that you got the same signal from Colbalt as we did.>

Treeo: <So we're here for the same reason, then!>
86169 Mezzopiano2nd Sep 2011 11:51:20 AM from That Cold Place Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
You're shivering. Are you afraid?
-Sunny is watching Mezzo and Every, who are still asleep-

Sunny: <They're so adorable together...>
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86170 rmctagg092nd Sep 2011 11:54:41 AM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
The Wanderer
-Is walking through the inside of what would've been the GC arena-

I think the others might've followed us to Sinnoh.

Muddy: <Well if you want to fight Neptune yourself we ought to get a move on then.>

I think I'm gonna need a new hoodie afterwards though.

-My current hoodie has a three clawed slash going through it-

That Deathclaw we fought earlier was nasty.

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86171 TracerBullet2nd Sep 2011 11:58:44 AM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-In the warehouse-

-The salvo of missiles utterly destroys the control room that Mike is taking cover behind, leaving a massive cloud of dust-

<Richard: "Muahahahaha! It was fun while it lasted, Michael!">

-Notices a figure emerging from the smoke-

<Richard: "WHAT?!">

-While firing off a truly massive salvo of missiles at the spider mech-


-And causes the tank to start sparking up-

<Richard: "Never, NEVER, NEVER!">

-Blows a hole into roof as a truly gargantuan missile shifts into place along the underside of the spider mech-


-Boosts onto the roof-

<Mike: "RICHARD!">

-Mike attempts to pursue Richard's form, but loses track the moment he exits the hole in the roof-

<Mike: "Grr... Now what?">


-With the Sinnoh Tribe elders-

<Sharp Bone: "... How would we do that?">

"We offer the Pokemon that would otherwise be hunting you food in return for their help digging for these tunnels."

<Hydra Marrow: "And just how do we approach them without getting killed again?">

<Kit: "I suppose that you have a delegation of stronger Pokemon sent to try and reason with them...">

<Red Skull: "Considering the other fiends that prowl these lands now... They might take us up fairly quickly on that offer, Hydra...">

<Sharp Bone: "Yeah, like that pink... Thing.">

<Shaun: "Oh? What is it?">

<Sharp Bone: "It's a massive creature that vaguely resembles a deformed Skitty, with jaws that compose most of its body, wings, a barbed tail, and a strange bird that always accompanies it. It has singlehandedly slain entire groups of fiends and appears to possibly be immortal.">

<Milo: "Wait a minute... That's from a game!">

<Teala: "Yeah, I remember Audrey talking about that! It was from that game with the plain red box!">

"... What on earth is that doing out here?"

<Hydra Marrow: "We do not presume to know what you all are blathering about, but the abomination that Sharp Bone speaks of is very much a reality...">

<Milo: "... If that thing is here... Then... What else is out there?">


-With Luke-

<Pascal: "Um... Actually... It was something else, man...">

<Zoe: "Yeah, Mike vanished in front of our eyes earlier today!">

<Kyle: "They think that someone set a trap for him with a portal...">

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86172 DarkerShining2nd Sep 2011 12:00:26 PM from Norway Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
- The Lake Trio telekinectically carry me back up the cliff with the Lustrous Orb -

- I look up at Palkia, still holding the Lustrous Orb in my hands -

Okay... I'll see if I can use the power of the Lustrous Orb to restore Palkia to normal.

- I get down on my knees a short distance away from the petrified Palkia, facing the statue as I hold the Lustrous Orb between my folded hands and close my eyes, taking a deep breath before I begin -

... Lustrous Orb, please restore Palkia to normal so that we may escape from this dark dimension. And, allow us to return to our own world, where our loved ones need us.

- The orb is not yet responding, the Lake Trio quietly watch as DS continues -

Free Palkia from her current state, so that she may help us set things right.

- Takes another deep breath before continuing -

I may only be one person, but I am not alone. (smiles) During my travels with the other trainers, the ones that have likely been fighting many battles for the sake of the world, I have learned a lot about how wonderful true friendship really feels.

- The Lustrous Orb begins to give off a faint glow -

Friends that I could truly trust. Share our emotions, and support one another. Together, we could face any challenge, no matter how big it might seem. No matter how difficult the challenge got, the bond between us would always help us through it. Unbreakable bonds, formed from the laughter and the tears that we had shared during our time together.

- The glow is starting to get get much brighter -

We've had many adventures together so far, and there are many more to come, which possibly means more new friends as well.

- I look down at the glowing orb -

That is why I ask you from the bottom of my heart to use the power within you to revive Palkia. For this world, my friends and the friends I have yet to meet!

- The orb gives off a powerful light, so bright that DS and the Lake Trio have to shield their eyes -

Whoa! That's bright!

Mesprit: (covering her eyes) <I'll say!>

Azelf: <Hehe! Well done, DS!>

- Eventually the light from the Lustrous Orb begins to fade, however, now the Palkia statue is glowing with the same pink light -

Mesprit: <Oh!>

Azelf: <I think it's working!>

Uxie: <Truly amazing...>

- Cracks begin to form in the glowing Palkia statue -

... Okay, here it comes...

- The stone shatters and Palkia is revealed in an explosion of pink light, Palkia raises her head and roars in triumph as DS and the Lake Trio stare in awe at the now revived legendary dragon -
Treeo: -Sweatdrops.- <Oh...I was wrong, then.>

Unite: <What?! Portals?!>

Woolly: <But we're the only ones with Portal Guns, right? Does that mean one of us stole him?>

Lake: <Either that, or someone else stole a Portal Gun in order to get him.>

Harriet: <Who would do that, though?>
86174 TracerBullet2nd Sep 2011 12:12:37 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-On the roof of the warehouse-

-While running down looking for Richard, the other end of the warehouse explodes in a massive ball of flame-

<Mike: "What the-">

-An illusion breaks shortly ahead of Mike-

<Richard: "HEY! That was supposed to take 30 seconds! Not 10!">

-As the remains of the warehouse totter-

<Mike: "RICHAAARD!">

<Richard: "MICHEAAAL!">

-And the two rush at each other with weapons blazing as the rest of the warehouse collapses-


-With the elders-

<Hydra Marrow: "Monstrosities that you would never care to meet if your life depended upon it.">

<Red Skull: "There's deformed mockeries of human beings that latch onto their victims, shadowy beings that assume the form of other creatures, and annoying lumps of fluff that multiply rapidly in number and screech loudly.">

"... Those all sound like creatures from different fictional works... What are they doing here?"

<Sharp Bone: "We don't know where they came from, just that those abominations came from the holes in the sky...">

<Vlad: "... The Distortion World?">

<Milo: "... Giratina was totally having cage matches in there, wasn't he?">

<Red Skull: "We know not of what you speak of... But we appreciate your offer for assistance...">

<Hydra Marrow: "We'd be deeply appreciative of it... Even if the specifics seem slightly hair-brained...">


-With Luke-

<Kyle: "Oh, I've already got my money on someone...">

<Aloysius: "Yeah, wouldn't be the first time that he's done something like this either...">

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Unite: <Who do you mean by-

...Oh Arceus, not him again.>

Flare: -Facepalms.- <Urgh! I swear, if we ever run into again, Mike will have to wait his turn to have a go at him.>

Stratus: <So, Richard took him, then?>

That seems to be the most likely explanation.

Treeo: <But the question is...Where did they go?>

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